Cheap Date: He took me out to the ball game!

We had a date at the ball park. For $1 per person. Yep! That’s right. Because I’m cheap!

Look at our view.

I can still hear the buzz of the crowd from our date night at PNC Park in Pittsburgh PA. We are diehards for cheap dates. Mostly because I like to be cheap, but also because we like each other 😉

This particular date was all my husband’s doing. He follows several sports teams on Facebook and stumbled across a promotion the Pirates were doing called Buc Night.

You should’ve seen him.

We were sitting in the living room watching The Price Is Right and he literally started scrambling for his wallet. I asked him what was up and he looked at me with the most pleading look I’ve ever seen him pull off as he said, “Just trust me on this.”

20 minutes later, he triumphantly joined me in the living room with an email printed.

I was a little put off that he had bought something until I realized he had definitely kept it under budget. He got us seats at the Pittsburgh Pirates home game against the Detroit Tigers for $1 per seat.

And not only that, but we found out that hot dogs & popcorn were a dollar too! Look how good that dollar looks! Of course I could’ve made hotdogs for us at home for a heck of a lot cheaper. But really, when you’re part of a crowd it’s just so much different. You share the same energy and excitement and just get into. It’s no fun watching baseball on tv. The real fun is in person, booing with the bald and buzzed stranger next to you. Or in cheering for your favorite perogie as he or she makes their lap around the park. Yes, that’s a thing!

We didn’t stay for the whole game. Just barely made it into the 7th inning stretch. The Pirates were losing something terrible, and neither of us know a thing about baseball. But landing such a cheap and fun date was so rewarding. And I hope to make this a tradition every year while we are in Pittsburgh.

I believe taking the time to purposefully connect as a couple as important. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner or something costly. If you’re really creative, it doesn’t even have to cost a thing!
 What cheap dates have you taken? How do you and your significant other take time to connect when the budget is low?

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  • Jen @ HealthfulSaver
    May 2, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Look like fun! We had an unintentional cheap date Sunday. DD was at a play. We were going to use a bday coupon at an upscale fish place. We had a reservation but they were still changing the kitchen over from brunch. Too long of a wait. We had subs in the food court, with a freebie from a punch card no less. Ah well, another time!