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How To Save Money On Gifts

When you’re a certified bargain hunter, buying gifts for people you love can be a challenging process. You want to save your pennies and not splash out, but on the other hand, you don’t want to appear cheap.

Remember, though: the measure of a good gift is not the money spent, but the effort made. There are ways to give an incredible gift without exceeding your budget limit. In this post, we’ll explore 3 tried and true tips on how to save money on gifts, no matter who you’re buying for!

Make a “hamper” of smaller gifts.

When it comes to buying a great gift, you need to think about what that person loves. And who doesn’t love a hamper? One big gift is all well and good, but a collection of smaller gifts sometimes goes further, especially on the financial side of things.

A collection of little gifts – for example a notebook, a pen, a little desk clock and a mouse mat – will probably turn out cheaper than one large gift, like a new desk lamp. The volume of gifts is often appealing to the recipient, because they feel as if you have put thought into each individual thing to make the perfect collection of presents.

Make some, or all, of the gift yourself.

Even if you are not exactly artistic or crafty, you could try making part or the whole of the gift yourself. This will, no doubt, save you money – and instead will require that you invest time. You could design a card; bake a delicious cake; knit a scarf; or, if you’re really handy, build a small shelf for their home, or similar.

By creating some or all of a gift from scratch, you only need to purchase the raw materials, which are bound to cost far less than the whole thing pre-bought. For example, ordering a pre-made cake from the Hummingbird Bakery can cost up to £80; baking the same cake using the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook will probably cost between £10-£15.

Take your time when searching for the perfect gift.

When it comes to finding a bargain that won’t make you look too stingy, you need time on your side. You will need to shop around, and get to know when certain stores are going to be having sales, so you can time your purchase perfectly.

You also need time in order to do the research on the best value for money. Sites such as stock personalisable gifts at low prices for high quality – but these types of site are hard to find! If you know the date on which you will be giving this gift, make sure you leave a few weeks to do the right amount of research, so you can find the best bargain for the ideal gift for your loved one.

Final Thoughts

Buying “cheap” gifts is not going to make you look good – that’s why you need a strategy. Use our guide on how to save money on gifts next time you need to buy something special for a loved one!

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