Carlo’s Bakery ~ Redbank, New Jersey

We love road trips. Especially when we discover things along the way.

Carlo’s Bakery was one of those things.

Packages tied up with string…

We’d actually come into Redbank to visit Jay & Silen Bob’s Secret Stash. We weren’t at all planning to stop and eat. I mean, the cooler was already packed with goodies. But as we walked downtown hand in hand, our eyes lit up when we caught sight of it. I literally pulled Bryan by the hand into the bakery.

It was a sweet little detour.

Delicious! Even though it was smushed.

Cupcakes were only $3 each. They. Were. Delicious. I obviously went with caramel. But there were so many choices. And, quite honestly, they were big enough to share between two people. We opted for selfishness over sharing and each indulged in our goodie of choice πŸ˜‰

Choices, choices, choices!

They also fill your cannoli fresh. I did over indulge a bit and get a mini… But it was pretty good. Next time I’ll just stick to one thing! I had a sugar rush in the car from it all lol.

Bryan trying to make up his mind

What was really neat, was the merchandise and photos they had on display from the show. Very cool! Even though this was the branch in Redbank. I’d definitely recommend going to this one over the one in Hoboken. It’s the same recipe, with a much shorter line!

Here are some more photos from our visit.

Lots of Carlo’s Bakery merchandise available

There he is! The cake boss!

I love that we are both free wandering types of people. There are so many things in life that we would have otherwise missed if we weren’t open to spontaneity.

What have you stumbled upon in your travels? Do you ever find random things to do while on road trips? Or do you prefer keeping to the plan?

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