Who’s Cheap?

Hello! My name is Jenn. I’d like to say I’m the mastermind behind Because I’m Cheap. But that sounds kind of big headed, to be honest. I have been cheap for as long as I can remember. I’m not an extreme cheapskate. Sometimes I splurge. Sometimes I over spend. Some times I’m late for a bill. *gasp*

Regardless, I love getting the most bang for my buck.

Because I’m Cheap spurred from my catch phrase. I was finding myself more and more explaining my decisions by tacking on that phrase. It has now become more of a mantra than an excuse. I’m okay with being cheap. And my husband is too! Especially with all that we’ve been able to see and do thanks to being frugal.

Just the past few months alone, we’ve traveled more than any other year of our marriage. We are blessed.

Why write a blog?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have had blogs before on other topics. So when friends and family started showing interest in our budget travels and my coupon deals, I decided to put together the blog. I want to help others out there who are on a budget or living pay check to pay check be able to enhance their lives by living more frugally. Whether it be by using coupons, cutting expenses or thinking differently about travel, there are so many ways to be smarter about finances. And I’m willing to try them all!

What makes my heart sparkle?

My husband/best friend, our beagle, family and friends, traveling, dystopian future novels, the color turquoise, the smell of rain on an afternoon breeze, The Travel Channel, kitschy tourist attractions, and coffee (extra cream & sugar please!).


Want to work with me?

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