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Smartphone Apps That Pay ~ Earn Money On The Side #SideHustle

Because I’m cheap… I wanted to find ways to lower our cell phone bills. When that wasn’t enough, I decided to try offsetting the charges.

Did you know you can earn money with just a smartphone? It’s true! There’s a long list of smartphone apps that pay their users.

**Updated with more! Now OVER 75 apps!**


75 smartphone apps that pay. Earn cash with your cell phone. #SideHustle


Here’s proof!

  1. iBotta – I use this all the time when I grocery shop. You get cash back on groceries!
  2. Foap – Sell photos taken with your smartphone. Download Apple or Andoid
  3. Checkpoints – Earn points then use the points to buy gift cards.
  4. Checkout 51 – Another app that gives cash back on groceries.
  5. Easy Shift – Get paid to do tasks similar to secret shoppers.
  6. Elusive Stars – Try out new apps from developers.
  7. Field Agent – Another mystery shopping type app. This one is my favorite for mystery shopping.
  8. Gigwalk – Mystery shopping. One time they had thousands and thousands of gigs available for $5 each. Just to take photos of restaurants for Bing search.
  9. Groupon Snap – Cash back on groceries.
  10. Iconzoomer – Get assigned photo taking tasks.
  11. Idea Shifters – Take surveys for gift cards.
  12. Instant Rewards – Earn points towards gift cards for watching videos and liking pages.
  13. JingIt – Get paid to watch videos.
  14. Mobee – Mystery shopping app.
  15. MobiSave – Cash back on groceries.
  16. Nexercise – Earn cash for meeting exercise goals.
  17. NPolls – Earn by taking surveys. Apple or Android
  18. Perk TV – Earn by watching videos.
  19. Shopkick – Earn by going into stores and scanning products.
  20. SlideJoy – Earn by unlocking your phone. An ad will display while locked.
  21. StockUp – Enter prices for items at grocery stores.
  22. Directly – Answer questions and earn.
  23. iSecret Shop – Mystery shopping.
  24. Walmart Savings Catcher – After shopping at Walmart, scan your receipt and they’ll give you cash back if other stores in the area have lower prices.
  25. SwagBucks – Earn points to be used on gift cards.
  26. Smart Panel – App runs in the background and records statistics. Pays you to keep it on your phone.
  27. Inbox Dollars – Earn to try samples, download things and read emails.
  28. Receipt Hog – Take a photo of your receipts and earn toward gift cards.
  29. Bookscouter – Scan books and check their values. I’ve found valuable books at thrift stores and flea markets!
  30. ESPN Streak For Cash – If you’re into sports, make some predictions and possible win the pot.
  31. Surveys On The Go – Surveys you can take anywhere, some are location based too.
  32. App Trailers – Get paid to watch movie trailers.
  33. GymPact – Make a pact to lose weight, meet your goals and get paid.
  34. TSU – A social network of sorts where you earn by engaging with content and creating your own engaging content.
  35. Mobile Rewards – Earn by watching videos or completing offers.
  36. Locket – Get paid to have an ad on your lock screen.
  37. Receipt Pal – Scan grocery receipts and earn points for gift cards.
  38. Saving Star – Cash back on groceries.
  39. Shopmium – Cash back on groceries.
  40. Gift Wallet – Earn by trying new apps.
  41. Adme – Another lock screen ad.
  42. Fronto – Another lock screen ad.
  43. Shrink – Cash back on groceries.
  44. AppDown – Earn points by trying new apps and games.
  45. I Say Mobile – Earn by taking surveys.
  46. Media Insiders Mobile – Earn by allowing it to track what you watch on tv.
  47. Viggle – Earn by checking in live on television shows.
  48. Toluna – Earn by taking surveys. Android or Apple
  49. Rewardable – Complete tasks to earn.
  50. iPoll – Take surveys to earn.
  51. Quostodian – Get paid to view ads.
  52. Maximiles – Earn points towards gift cards for taking surveys and watching videos. Android or Apple.
  53. WorkHub – Get paid to complete tasks.
  54. Roamler – Get paid to take photos in stores.
  55. Fiverr – Create your own gigs and get hired on the go.
  56. Opinion Outpost – Get paid to take surveys.
  57. – Survey taking app.
  58. 1Q – Text message surveys.
  59. ReviewForDev – Get paid to try apps.
  60. MyCrowd – Get paid to beta test apps and websites and report bugs.
  61. Fetch Rewards – Similar to Ibotta and cash back apps, but scan in store instead of after.
  62. Task Rabbit – Accept gigs from real people and businesses in your area.
  63. AppDango – Get paid to try new apps.
  64. Zoozz – Mystery shopping.
  65. Berry Cart– Cash back on groceries.
  66. MyPoints – Earn points for completing tasks. Apple or Android.
  67. Juno Wallet – Earn for trying apps and watching videos. Android or Apple.
  68. Survey Mini – Get paid to take surveys of places you’ve visited.
  69. Panel Place – Get paid to take surveys.
  70. AppNana – Earn by downloading apps and games.
  71. Tap2Money – Complete tasks and earn.
  72. Quizi Play – Earn points for playing trivia.
  73. Quick Thoughts – Take quick surveys to earn.
  74. Google Opinion Rewards  – Take surveys from Google and earn Google Play credit.
  75. Acorn Hunt – Earn by completing tasks, social sharing, watching videos etc. Apple or Android.
  76. Shopalong – Task based earning.
  77. Punch Card – Earn rewards for visiting your favorite places.
  78. Yaarlo – Earn for shopping.
  79. Loot – Complete tasks with brands in mind to earn.
  80. Qriket – Earn for shopping.
  81. Grab Points – Earn for trying apps, watching videos and completing tasks.
  82. Feature Points – Get paid to try apps.
  83. Tap Cash – Earn by downloading new apps.
  84. Free My Apps – Earn by downloading free games.
  85. Panel Station – Earn by taking surveys.
  86. NexTrack – Earn by sticking to health and fitness goals.
  87. DietBet – Place a bet on your weightloss and win.
  88. Clashot – Earn by taking photos.
  89. SnapWire – Earn by taking photos.

I will be going through this list and reviewing each one myself. So keep posted!

Are there any other smartphone apps that pay that I missed?


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