6 Things You’re Likely Wasting Money On

Nothing in life comes for free, even the things that arguably should. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend quite so much each month. Running out of money before payday is a problem nobody wants to face. Sadly, it’s also one that many people have to. If you’re wondering why you have never have any cash, the answer is likely very simple – You waste too much of it. To get your finances in order, here are six things you should stop wasting so much money on.

1. Bottled Water

Water is a fundamental commodity, but you can be more economical with it. Rather than buying expensive bottled water, you should use a water filter on your kitchen faucet. The water will probably taste exactly the same, but for a fraction of the price. Make sure you carry a bottle with you wherever you go and fill it up when you can. You should ask for tap water at restaurants too.

2. Gym Membership

The importance of exercise can’t be argued. Maintaining physical fitness is crucial for good health, which means it helps to keep medical costs low. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t pay through the nose for a gym membership. If you can’t find an affordable gym in your area, then look at other options. Many community centers offer free fitness classes, or you could work out at home.

3. Car Repairs

A vehicle is certainly an expensive investment. In fact, aside from property, it’s probably the most costly you’ll ever make. Having to pay for car repairs only adds to the cost. Because of this, you should avoid driving habits that might result in a car accident, like speeding and sudden braking. When repairs are unavoidable, make sure you shop around for a reliable and affordable expert.

4. Utility Bills

With winter fast approaching, households all over are bracing for higher utility bills. After all, the colder and darker days mean you have to spend more to heat and light the home. Before you reach for the thermometer, however, you should try putting on a sweater. There’s no use in wasting money heating your house to the point where you have to wear shorts to be comfortable.

5. Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, which means, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll soon start your holiday shopping. Although giving gifts is a selfless gesture, you shouldn’t bankrupt yourself in the process. There are many ways to cut the cost of gifts, from making your own to hunting for discount codes. If you give gifts after Christmas, then wait for the Boxing Day sales.

6. Lottery Tickets

An occasional scratcher can be fun to buy, especially if you win. However, that doesn’t mean you should be entering into big Powerball drawings every week. The chances of you winning are incredibly slim, which means you’re essentially throwing money down the drain every week. Although the cost of a ticket isn’t substantial, the money will add up over the years.

To take care of your budget, stop wasting money on the purchases above.

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