Going For An Off-Road Road Trip In Your Own Car?

You’ve been staring at a map for weeks and weeks. Your eyes glued to the series of highways, back roads, twisty mountain passes and small residential roads that you plan on taking. Road trips take a long time to plan just for the people that are going on them. But if you’re planning on taking your own car, then you have twice the work cut out for you. It’s in your best interest to buy some things for your car so that while you’re driving many hundreds of miles, it doesn’t run into trouble. And when your car runs into trouble, you run into trouble with it. Driving off-road is also something that requires a lot of skill and planning. Traveling in your own car across deserts, barren fields and perhaps outback dirt roads in Australia is going to put a world of hurt on your car. So, gear up and get smart, here are some tips for an off-road road trip.

Clear the ground

First off, you can avoid so many issues simply by possessing the ability to clear the ground. Many experts will inform you, that when you’re driving off-road you should expect the unexpected. Smooth land might have some rocks buried just beneath the surface that can cause massive damage to your wheels and suspension. Be savvy, and buy some lift kits which you can use to literally have your car on stable stilts. Check out the 4WD suspension kits which offer your car the best control and weight distribution while driving over rough land. You’ll also have more traction when going up hill if your car’s body is clear of the ground. This will also give any heavy-duty off-road tires the clearance they need in the wheel arches.

On the rack

If you haven’t already, install a roof rack for your car. It’s going to come in very handy for all sorts of things when you’re thundering through an African back road in the middle of a jungle. Firstly, you can strap your items onto it, like your sleeping bag and tent. However, it’s also great to hook up roof rack lights. These will give your vehicle plenty of forward-facing vision. The driver will be able to see up to a hundred meters in front while in the pitch dark. This kind of equipment is essential if you plan on driving during the night. The rack is mainly used to store equipment for getting your car unstuck, such as ramps which are placed underneath the tires for traction in super muddy or sandy conditions.

Pulling yourself free

The main fear people planning their first off-road road trip have, is getting stuck and having to abandon their vehicle. But if you install a front winch you have the ability to pull yourself free. It could be in a forest or perhaps on the side of a steep hill, you never know when your car will just get stuck.

Road trips are awesome fun, but an off-road trip is just as fun as it is a challenge. Prepare your car to get out of jams and give you the light required to keep on driving through the night.

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