How To Find Legal Help You Can Actually Afford

It’s a rare person who doesn’t need legal help at some point in their life. From dealing with matters when you purchase a house, to sorting out business launches, helping you out in a dispute or claiming compensation if you’ve been injured, the chances are that you’re going to need support from a lawyer one day. Sadly, many people find that it’s not that easy.

The Minefield Of Affordable Legal Counsel

Legal help can be expensive, difficult to access and impenetrable for those who aren’t used to it, meaning that millions don’t get the legal counsel they really need – often at a time when they are already vulnerable and emotions are running high. The first barrier is finding the right lawyer for your needs. From conveyancers who focus on house purchases to a law firm, specialising in personal injury cases, or one who is trained in civil matters such as inheritance disputes, it’s important to get the right fit. The second barrier, however, is harder to overcome – and that’s cost. With a good lawyer charging hundreds per hour, most ordinary working people on a basic wage would struggle to foot the bill for their legal costs and don’t know how to save money. And although some qualify for legal aid, there is still a huge gap. So how do you access legal support that you can actually afford?

Online Legal Help Services

The internet has given us many things, and one of those is the ability to connect. There are now many legal services who will offer an initial consultation over the internet – either via Skype or web chat – to assess the problem and what your needs are, and advise on your next action. Of course, these are designed to net the firm new customers, so after that initial session, there will be a price on any further advice. But they can be enormously useful for getting the lay of the land with your legal problem and seeing if you have a case, before you start paying out. It can also give you a clearer idea of the costs involved – some simple matters can be settled with an attorney’s letter, for a fixed fee as an initial step, and that may be all that you need do.

No Win No Fee

You’re likely to have seen these firms advertising heavily on daytime TV and a lot of them don’t have the best reputation – but there are reputable law firms out there who work on this basis. It can be a bonus in matters where you aren’t sure if you’ll be likely to get justice – as they work on commission, such firms will only take on cases which they believe have a reasonable chance of being settled in your favour. In such cases, the law firm will be entitled to a share of any monies you receive when the case is settled – so check the small print carefully, and don’t be afraid to compare several law firms or even to use your negotiation skills to lower the amount that you need to pay them in the event of reaching a favourable settlement. Most operate on a percentage basis, but you may be able to find a few who are prepared to offer a fixed fee instead – you just have to decide whether that is likely to represent good value, taking into consideration the amount your claim is likely to receive.

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