How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

For any new driver, car insurance can be a nightmare. You are excited that you have passed your test; you are ready to buy a new car, yet all of the insurance quotes you are receiving are extortionate. How are you supposed to afford this? Is there any way you can reduce the price you pay for car insurance? While it is true that you are going to pay more as a young driver, there are a number of steps you can take to attempt to lower the cost. So, let’s take a look….

Compare quotes and shop around for the best deal – There is only one place to begin when you want to get car insurance, and this is by comparing quote and shopping around for the best deal. Nowadays, there are so many different insurance providers, and so many different policies to choose from. This is why you need to conduct your search carefully. Comparison websites can really help with this. Make sure you do not only compare the price, but also look to see what is included. In addition, you must remember your own particular driving circumstances. If you have had issues or previous convictions, and you’ve needed a hardship license lawyer to help you get a hardship license, or the fact that being a new driver means that the first twelve months is the most dangerous for you on the road, you have to consider all the variables. Even if you’ve been “driving” for a long time, even before passing your test, you are still an amateur in the eyes of the insurance companies. And this is where cheap policies may not help! There is no point in going for the cheapest insurance policy if it does not provide all of the coverage you need. After all, you are only going to end up with a more expensive bill in the end if something goes wrong with your car.

Choose your vehicle with care – The vehicle you drive will have a massive impact on your insurance premiums. Before you purchase your first car, you should make sure that it is not an insurance trap car, i.e. a vehicle that is going to result in massive insurance premiums. Cars like this include sport cars with big engines. Instead, look for a small vehicle, with a small engine, and great fuel efficiency. This will not only save you on your insurance, but also in terms of filling up your vehicle too.

Secure your vehicle – Another way to save money on your insurance is to make an effort to secure your vehicle, therefore, reducing the likelihood of anyone stealing it or it being tampered with. You should try to park your vehicle in a secure area, and you can install the likes of a tracking device, immobiliser, and approved alarm, and this will help you to reduce your premiums by around five per cent. Make sure you declare these additions!

Choose a black box policy – When you first pass your test, it is a good idea to choose an insurance policy that comes with a black box installed. This is a box that will monitor your driving, and you can save hundreds per year by having this installed. So long as you drive sensibly, you will have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry if you break too harsh now and again – they are not that strict! Once you have had no claims for a number of years, you can move to a policy with a black box and you won’t need to pay any more because your no-claims status will mitigate the added expense of a no black box policy.

Avoid modifications – Another tip when it comes to keeping your car insurance as low as possible is to avoid making modifications to your car. This could be anything from upgrades to the performance to the audio and the styling. You may think that these additions look good, but they may enhance your insurance premiums. Moreover, performance upgrades, body kits, and alloy wheels may make your car more attractive to thieves, which is why they can cause your insurance premiums to increase. Don’t think you can add these modifications without declaring them, as this may make your policy null and void.

Protect your no claims bonus – Last but not least, this is not something that is going to help you right now, but it will help you to lower your insurance with every year that passes by. A long no-claim bonus is undoubtedly the best way to lower your costs.

So there you have it: some of the steps you can take to lower the amount of insurance you need to pay on your vehicle. Follow the suggestions that have been provided, and you should be able to lower your quote and make car insurance more affordable for you.

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