Easy Money Tips: Get Your Finances In Order

Welcome to Because I’m Cheap’s Easy Money Tips Roundup! Today we found over a hundred small ways to save big, things to do now to prepare for tax season, and the secrets to a budget-friendly Korean beauty routine.

Top 5 Posts

Get Rewarded To Book Your Summer Vacation – If you haven’t booked your vacation yet, you may want to try this to save bank! [Femme Frugality]

How To Become A Voice Over Actor And Work From Anywhere – Part of saving money can also be increasing income. Work at home jobs are a viable solution. [Making Sense Of Cents]

Uses For Overripe Bananas – Don’t toss out those brown bananas! Recipe & tips included. [Mending The Piggy Bank]

8 Simple Meal Prep Steps To Save Time & Money – Food is a necessity that easily impacts every size budget. Try these simple tips to quell the expenses and get ahead of the game. [Crafty Coin]

10 Tips To Get Your Adult Financial Life In Order – 10 nuggets of wisdom to get your money in check and start adulting. [The Finance Girl]

Other Must Reads

Do You Plan On Dying Broke? – An exploration on the options of leaving a legacy wealth or dying broke. [Mad Money Monster]

Family Budget Meetings, Yes You Need Them – A family that budgets together… has less stress! [Making Sense Of Cents]

3 Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth On A Budget – Hint: use the freezer! [Bacons On A Budget]

Buying an engagement ring? – Follow this informative guide and avoid the mistakes that most people make!


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