10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog And 5 Why You Shouldn’t

A blog can be defined as an online publication that allows one to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, stories, and experiences. A blog also allows you to interact with your readers through comments or social media sharing.

You should consider starting a blog if you are passionate about something. This could include but is not limited to sports, fashion, technology, or cooking. Sign up with a No-Code Website Builder to get that framework in place, and check out some pro’s and con’s in this article on blogging.

Here are ten reasons why you should start a blog:

1. Express yourself

There is no better way of expressing yourself than blogging about what genuinely interests you on a particular topic.

2. Find a community

Blogging is about reaching out to people who share the same interests as you and connecting with them on an emotional level. There are many opportunities to find communities through blogging, such as online forums or niche blogs that cater to specific demographics or lifestyles, such as yoga enthusiasts.

3. Market yourself

If your blog gains traction and becomes popular, it can be used as a marketing tool for your business or brand and help raise awareness about what they do and why people should buy from them. You could offer promotional discounts and free samples or even set up affiliate links so that when someone buys something using these links, you get a commission for referring this customer to the retailer even if they didn’t purchase directly off of your blog.

4. Get real experience in your field of work

A blog will give you invaluable experience to help you in future jobs or even when starting up your own business. Blogging is an effective way to show future employers that you are passionate about what you do and have real-world experience, which can be used when making important decisions for the company.

5. It gives you an edge over other candidates

A blog demonstrates that you are creative, enthusiastic, and skilled at writing, making your application stand out from other applicants who don’t use blogging to communicate their skills and ideas with potential employers. Employers may also search for blogs written by employees before they hire them, so blogging shows that you are always actively improving your skills and staying up to date with industry-specific news.

6. Builds your professional network

Suppose you are blogging about things that genuinely interest you. In that case, you will likely meet people who share the same interests as you through your blog, leading to future collaborations or networking opportunities. Professional networking has never been easier thanks to all social media websites, for example, LinkedIn, where business professionals share their thoughts and content online.

7. Can become a source of income

If your blog becomes successful, it could be used as a platform to launch other products, write books or publish research papers that can be monetized by selling advertising space on your website or merchandise such as t-shirts with branding on them. Blogging is also an excellent way to share affiliate links for products with your readers and earn a commission from each sale made by this link.

8. Can be used as a CV/Resume

Placing a selection of posts on your blog that demonstrate your skills and what you can bring to a business or brand is similar to writing a resume which will give potential employers an insight into how you work, what kind of personality you have, and show them that blogging is something you are passionate about. Employers know that blogging demonstrates initiative.

9. Improves personal relationships

Blogging has been proven to improve personal relationships as it allows couples to interact and share their thoughts about what’s going on in their lives, which is a great way of keeping the spark alive by staying up to date with each other. Blogging can also be used as a medium for couples that live apart (such as Merchant Mariners or Armed Services personnel) to stay connected and learn more about each other’s day-to-day activities.

10. It Makes you feel good

Blogging allows you to express yourself freely without any restrictions. It offers chances for positive feedback and appreciation from your readers, which helps build confidence and self-esteem, which helps you develop personally and professionally over time. People often blog about topics they are passionate about, so blogging can help guard against stress-related illnesses in the long run.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog

1. To make money

Not many people can say that their blog is making them “serious” amounts of cash unless they are using it to promote products related to their business or profession, monetizing through advertising spaces on their website, affiliate links, or selling merchandise. It takes time and effort to build an audience for your blog, so there are no shortcuts in this process – if you put half-hearted efforts into blogging, then don’t expect any results either.

2. To promote a product or service

Blogging for promotional purposes rarely works in the long run unless you only have one article on your website and add new content regularly so you can keep it fresh in Google’s eye. A better solution would be to build up trust with readers by creating quality content regularly and showcasing products occasionally within posts, but not directly promoting it as this is seen as spamming.

3. You don’t have time

With today’s busy lifestyles, many people do not have the time to dedicate to their blogs. However, that’s not an excuse as you can still find time for blogging even if it’s just a half-hour every other day.

4. You aren’t passionate enough about the subject

Blogging takes commitment and effort, so only choose topics that you are truly passionate about because this will show in the content. You won’t gain any readers or gain respect from them if all you do is write spammy, bland, or click-bait type content, which is why it’s important to always blog about something that you are interested in.

5. You have no idea what you’re doing!

There are plenty of guides out there on the web, so do some research before committing yourself to a blog because it helps if you get an understanding of why blogging is good for personal development and how it works.


It’s obvious from the outset when a blog has been started just because someone wants one or just for promotional reasons – read “Blog Design Done Right” by Steve Sanderson for great examples on what makes a strong blog. Good luck and keep posting!

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