3 of the Most Affordable Beach Vacation Options

Vacations are a luxury that many look forward to after long periods of hard work, whether that be overseas, someplace exotic, or the closest theme park. According to tourism market research gathered from companies like Research America, travel was significantly hindered the previous year due to the ongoing pandemic, but now, in late 2021, restrictions have loosened. People have begun to travel more normally again, and while it hasn’t completely returned to the way it used to be, many feel comfortable enough to go on vacation again. With the temperatures beginning to drop s winter draws nearer, what better way to catch some sun than at the beach! There are plenty of affordable beach options that will allow your family to enjoy some warmth this winter without needing to hand over your entire wallet. Here are some of the most affordable beaches available.

This long stretch of beach covers over 55 miles of land and is one of the most affordable locations for those wishing to catch a tan. There are tons of condos, hotels, and rental houses available to stay in, as well as loads of other local activities to indulge in just off the beach. Swimmers can surf, go scuba diving, play volleyball, or jet ski. Of course, swimming and relaxing in the sand are enjoyable in their own right. Bring a book or some headphones and layout on the beach where it’s dry and sunny. The water can get a little chilly in the winter, so while it’s definitely not a bad choice, you may want to go earlier rather than later.

Pensacola, FL

If you want to ensure that your beach vacation is filled with sunshine and warmth, going to Florida is a safe bet. Running along the west coast of the state, Pensacola is the perfect place to stake an umbrella and lay back with your eyes closed. The beach is sure to be popping with plenty of others splashing in the water or zooming by on a parasail. There’s also plenty of tasty food and drinks to keep your hunger under control and to quench your thirst.

South Padre Island, TX

If you go as far south as you possibly can in the U.S., you’ll stumble upon the South Padre Beach on the coast of Texas. This budget-safe vacation destination is great for families that want to enjoy everything a beach should be without paying an arm and a leg. It can get very populated in the spring and summer, but by fall there is just enough room to easily move about without feeling claustrophobic, nor is it so dead that you’ll feel as if it is a desolate wasteland. The temperature remains relatively warm year-round, if only getting a little cold in January and February, but if you go by Christmas, all should be fine. Being less than an hour away from Houston, you can experience the life of the city and not have far to drive when you need to feel the spray of the ocean.


Regardless of which beach you decide to visit, there are more than enough options to satisfy your tropical cravings. If you don’t mind shelling out a little extra dough, there are beaches in California that are extremely possible, or if you don’t mind going out of the States, Mexico, Jamaica, and Hawaii are some of the most popular places to visit. Bring your sunglasses, lather on some sunscreen, and enjoy!

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