7 Proven Ways To Make Your Blog Profitable

What if there was a way you could reach millions of people by just doing what you enjoy doing? And perhaps generate money too? Blogging is a self-published online platform to share your material such as write-ups, photography, and other forms of media to a targeted audience. It could be a hobby or for business reasons, but we’ll focus on the latter for the sake of this article. So without any further delays, take a look at these seven proven ways to make your blog profitable.

  1. Affiliate marketing

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It is the process where an affiliate promotes a product or service and is paid a percentage of the profit on the sales. Affiliate marketing has often been described as the best way to earn passive income via blogging as it’s mostly niche-based. It involves researching products, engaging with brands, and maintaining a good relationship with individuals who purchase products through your affiliate links. For blogs, you will have to include a link in your content to a product or service on another website. This is more like an endorsement, and you get paid a commission on the sale.

  1. Advertising

This is the most popular way of monetizing a blog. This could be either through direct advertising or signing up with an ads network. Direct advertising is basically offering spaces on your blog to businesses to showcase their products or service to your audience for a fee. Ads networks, on the other hand, serve as intermediaries to sell ads space on your behalf. They post ads that are relevant to your niche or blog content, and you’re paid based on how the audience interacts with it.

  1. Running brand campaigns

Just like social media, blogging has become more influential over the years. A blogger with a huge following can allow a brand to connect with its audience. The use of blogger campaigns has been on the rise as it is often seen as a quick way of driving traffic and building influence.

  1. Freelancing

Why just offer consulting services when you can actually do it for them? Freelancing offers a great deal of income. Without any long-term employer engagement, freelancers can resell their works, be it designing, photography, writing. It is time-consuming and requires a great deal of work but with the right approach and method, freelancing can be very fulfilling.

  1. Offer online courses

You don’t necessarily have to be an “expert” to start an online course. So long as you have valuable knowledge that your audience may be interested in, you can convert that into an earning stream through online tutorials. This could be available via paid-subscription or video purchase. Assuming you run a photography or cooking blog, you can monetize that blog by selling video tutorials related to either subject.

  1. Coaching and training

Just like in every other field, when you are seen as an authoritative figure or expert, you inevitably become a guide to others who may engage you for support and advice. If you have people visiting your website regularly, that means they are literally interested in what you are offering. If you have the skill and can teach, then why not take up this opportunity? You can charge clients for one-on-one coaching or consultation services, and this could be done via virtual platforms without necessarily meeting in person.

  1. Public speaking

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Public speaking is incredibly profitable most, especially when you are recognized as an authority in a certain field of study. It may come as a surprise to you the number of invitations you’ll get to speak at conferences. With a good fee, you can make quite good money by just honoring such invites, which may come throughout the year. This can be possible when you take that first step towards starting a blog and growing your audience. Recent data suggests that there are over 41 million new posts being published each month. This coupled with competition from other platforms, means you’ll need great effort to reach a wider audience.

Bloggers are posting new content daily in a bid to drive significant traffic to their posts. As good as your content may be, you’ll need that extra spice to separate you from the others, and that’s what images or videos provide. Quality photos and videos make your blog posts more appealing and also boost SEO rankings when deployed correctly.

Regardless of how creative your skill might be, it will take more effort to turn your blog into a profitable income earning venture. This may call for the need of some gadgets to help boost your blog promotion efforts. For example, you can visit https://www.drdrone.ca/, where you can get drones to shoot your perfect motion landscape or bird’s eye view videos to spice things up on your blog.

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