The Key Tips For Review Blogs Surviving 2020

If 2020 could be an image, it would look like a giant tire pile, that’s on fire. Wow, what a year it’s been already, with lockdown hurting businesses, ruining consumer relationships, and people begging to be let free from their homes. If you are just trying to survive as a review blogger, don’t worry about it, this one’s for you. Since millions of people have shifted from retail to online commerce, you are still in business and relevant as ever. Consumers rely on review blogs to tell them the truth, to show them what a product looks, feels, and even smells like before they buy it. But they want more from you now, and this is how you give it to them.

Launching onto the scene

Product jacking is a technique that you will learn from the affiliate triad. It’s a review that you film and write in order to get the ball rolling when a new product lands in your lap. If Amazon or Alibaba has just got a new stock of a product, they will need review bloggers like yourself, to experience the product and write a cool review on your blog and indeed on their website as a trusted reviewer. You need to do this quickly, because new products that arrive in wholesale online stores, need to be given product launch. This occurs when thousands of affiliate marketers use their blogs to simultaneously provide all the information a customer would need, to make up their minds and want to buy it.

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Video content is powerful

Since billions of consumers have been stuck home due to the lockdown, they have been watching more content than ever before! This makes it the perfect time to invest in a professional filming kit. Get a halo light stand, an excellent video camera and begin recording your reviews in 1080p. Google highly prioritizes websites that have video content and blogs which don’t show the bloggers actually using the products, talking in-depth about the pros and cons of everything they are reviewing, will suffer in the SERPs. But you need structure to your videos, you can’t always rely on your personality to connect with the viewers. This is why it’s a good idea to write the points you want to make and edit each of your videos into sections.

  • Section 1 – Introduce the brand, its history, and its product.
  • Section 2 – Record you using the product, showing the different ways it can be applied.
  • Section 3 – Give your honest thoughts on what you liked and disliked.
  • Section 4 – Compare the product to its rivals and finish off with your honest opinion.

Every comment counts!

Now more than ever before, consumer interaction is so critical to your survival. Reply to every single comment that is posted to each of your blog posts. Say hello to each commenter before making your reply and thank them for the time they took to write to you. Forging a close bond with your loyal fans who do more than reading and watching, will pull you through this crisis as they will be the ones, who keep coming back to your blog.

Review bloggers are like the shining lanterns in the mist for brands all across the world. Your human touch and honest reviews, is what will make brands want to work with you and that means, your review blog continues to generate income.

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