Modern Millionaires Review – Should you join or stay away?

You must have seen one of these YouTube ads that tout the benefits of lead flipping. Many courses and so-called gurus are selling this idea. Modern Millionaires is the newest kid on the block.

Is Modern Millionaires a scam? Are Abdul and Chance (the creators) here to steal your money? We will find out in this review.

Modern Millionaires – The course overview

Today, many people worldwide seek ways to earn additional income outside of their everyday jobs. The reasons for this are many.

Many people want a side business to supplement their income. Some are just tired of their 9 to 5 jobs. Those who have left their jobs (or were made to quit) seek new employment opportunities to earn a living.

Modern Millionaires aspires to offer the above opportunities to people looking for an income source online.

But you must read the complete review before jumping in – and decide if it’s worthwhile.

There are other cash-making opportunities available online, and the “Modern Millionaires” course is no exception as far as the primary purpose is concerned. The course teaches people how to run a successful online business.

One of the things that makes some courses better than others is their business model. And lead flipping is undoubtedly better than methods like affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

The central pillar of the course is “lead generation.”

It is simply a matter of generating leads and clients for SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). This course focuses on generating leads for local businesses via Google and Facebook ads.

Can you make money with the Modern Millionaires?

In a nutshell, yes. Let me elaborate.

It is difficult for many online business owners to learn online marketing and generate leads. Or, they may be good at it, but they don’t have time to build and grow a lead generation funnel.

Your services will be highly sought-after if you can do this for them.

The course doesn’t recommend working for these businesses. Instead, you can create a funnel using Google and Facebook ads and sell the leads to companies.

There is some cost associated with paid ads, but they are more valuable due to their better conversion rates and targeted traffic.

You should think twice if you believe that “Modern Millionaires” is a get-rich-quick scheme. Unfortunately, this is not easy money. Although it is a very detailed program, you will need to work hard before you expect to earn anything.


Let’s get to know Chance & Abdul:

Both Chance Welton and Abdul Farooqi appear to be successful digital business gurus.

According to their claims, they own and operate several online businesses that bring 7-figure profits every year.

But, their claims seem sketchy as it’s unclear whether they made all that cash from the lead generation strategies they teach in their course. Their aggressive marketing campaigns have probably fooled many aspiring entrepreneurs into enrolling.

Modern Millionaires Review

The Good:

  1. The course is built on a legitimate business model. Learn all the tips and tricks of the lead generation business well, and you can make plenty of money online.
  2. The support system is unparalleled. You will instantly join a very active Facebook group, where you will receive coaching and advice from other students.
  3. You can choose to use the expertise in more than one way. Start your own lead flipping business. Or work as a lead generation consultant. Or use the tips to generate leads for your own business.
  4. Three packages are available. You can choose one that fits your business preferences. You can learn and do it yourself. Choose the “Done for you” package to invest the money and let others handle it.
  5. You do not need to learn “a lot.” When starting a blog or affiliate marketing business, you need to be good at keyword research, content creation, SEO, and more. Lead generation is not so complicated.

The Bad

  1. The cost of the “Done for you” package is high. However, this package is not intended for the general public. Instead, it is aimed at investors.
  2. You will find some negative reviews online. You must go through them (but make sure it’s not just another person trying to promote their affiliate link).
  3. According to the promotions, you do not need any technical skills. That isn’t entirely accurate. You will have a much harder time learning if you have no prior knowledge of how the Internet or online marketing works.

Modern Millionaires Course Cost?

Let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of any course–its cost.

You can select from three packs when you join the Modern Millionaires program, depending on the available time and resources you have.

The complete packages are not advertised on their website. You will only get to know about them after you join.

Students can develop their marketing teams with each pack. Listed below are some features of each package.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) will cost around $5K. It is the basic training program where you learn from the course, your coaches, and other students and implements.
  • DWY (Done-with-you) will cost $10K. You will be coached one-on-one and provided with premium support at every stage.
  • DFY (Done-For-You) will cost around $20K. Other than overseeing the process, you will not be doing much else. It is for investors who want to invest in a lucrative business model.

Clearly, you have to spare some money to get this course. But the training is worth the money. The cost is still high compared to the actual value you get from it.

Modern Millionaires Refunds?

Some online reviews claim no refunds, but I have seen many instances on TrustPilot or BBB where students report receiving refunds.

The course might sound a little expensive at first. But people spend a lot more on self-help seminars or workshops that don’t teach any skills. This course will teach you a helpful skill.

Can you imagine the day when companies no longer need leads?

That day will never come.

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