5 Small Business Ideas for Creative People

If you’re looking for ways to pursue your creative talents this year, why not consider starting your own business? Freelancing is easier now more than ever as there are plenty of online platforms to facilitate contact with clients whatever your field. Here are five small business ideas for creative people in 2020.

Web design

If you’ve got a passion for web design, why not take it a step further? The key to starting your own web design business is a stylish portfolio page that really shows off your talents. You’ll also need to scout for clients on online platforms and get your digital marketing up to scratch. Check out this ultimate guide to starting your own web design business.

Creative investments

Being creative with your money is a talent in itself. Why not look for something original to invest your money this year? Whether it’s gold or lithium, or something even more unusual, perhaps you can find the golden ticket. You don’t necessarily need to be rich to do it, you can find out ways to invest small amounts of money.

Learn more about the stock market and dividend yield theory. You might find you have a talent for investing. You could use and online trading platform to pick your own investments, or have a robo-advisor manage your money.

Online video content

If you’re a talented filmmaker or into design, then creating engaging video content could be a lucrative business. There’s been increased consumption of video content because internet users enjoy it and businesses use it to engage with customers. Things like video tutorials on websites and webinars are increasing in popularity.

If you would like to pursue a career in video, then you’ll need to invest in software. You can brush up your skills by checking out some of the best apps for filmmakers. Some of the more high-end editing software includes Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Content writing

With increased awareness in the need for decent content for their SEO, many companies are outsourcing this. As long as the internet exists there will always be demand for content writing services. You will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons writing a range of content for businesses. This can include blogs and articles, e-books, advertising pitches, and technical writing. Start by thinking about what you really enjoy writing, and move on from there.


Many catering and delivery services have come about during the lockdown period because people are relying on takeout more than ever. The meal-kit industry has really taken off and small businesses are providing the ingredients and recipes for customers to cook at home as well.

If you have a talent for cooking and interest in food, why not consider a home-based catering service? Create a website and start by advertising locally. Try and find a USP such as investing in locally sourced ingredients, or a diet or health angle. It’s up to you, follow your passions to find an idea to make your business unique.

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