The best ski slopes in Europe

With almost ritualistic rhythms, ski and snowboard lovers are preparing for their winter getaways in the largest and most impressive ski resorts in Europe. They equip themselves with their new ski equipment, find their jackets and masks and remember the resorts that host their slaloms and falls every year!

Courchevel – France

Located in the Trois Vallees area, at the entrance to Vanoise National Park, it is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. The fantasy of every winter traveler starts from 1300m in the first of the 5 villages of the area and ends at 1850m in Courchevel. The resort at the highest level includes the largest network of trails in the world with an area of 600 kilometres and with green to black routes that justify even the most demanding skiers.

St. Anton – Austria

St. Anton is a paradise for daring and experienced freeriders. It combines unprecedented experiences such as helicopter skiing and a relaxing atmosphere. The Arlberg Valley is famous for its rich snow while offering excellent red and black trails and challenging off-piste descents that can set your boundaries again.

Kitzbühel – Austria

Kitzbühel, one of the most popular winter destinations for skiing and snowboarding, is located at 760m and is ideal for any visitor. It contains a spectacular network of routes (from blue to black routes) while also offering a variety of options for freeriders such as half-pipe, boardercross and various jumps. At the Hahnenkamm track (1712 m), the world races with the most challenging descents take place every year.

Bansko – Bulgaria

Bansko is considered one of the most modern ski resorts in Bulgaria, because it is made by experienced Austrians. It contains excellent ski slopes for all tastes (blue, red and black) while it stays open and illuminated until late at night. On the north side of Mount Pirin, the slopes stretch at your feet through the various elevators that reach 2,600m altitude.

Zermatt – Switzerland

A resort for everyone, as it contains slopes from beginners to families. The modern Winter Olympics were born at the foot of the Matterhorn and have hosted the World Ski Championships and the Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow. Even today, this village is accessed exclusively by a small train a few kilometres away from the most spectacular slopes that offer intense emotions.

Val D’Isère – France

Val d’Isère is a world-renowned resort that is sure to go unnoticed. It is addressed to all levels of skiers and promises experiences that will be unforgettable. Its high-level facilities have hosted various world events over the years, offering variety and security throughout. The resort’s slopes extend up to 150 km and serve thousands of visitors annually. A huge system of state-of-the-art lifts operates at all times to transport you from one end of the resort to the other. Of course, you can enjoy this comfort by taking a ski pass, which will give you the opportunity to move around comfortably and freely in all areas of the resort. Search all the offers and find Val D’Isere ski passes, trusting the services of Erna Low, receiving the best and most favourable prices. Enjoy skiing at a high altitude while at the same time the perfect accommodation services in one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in Europe.

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