Hipmunk Hotels: Cheap And Chic Hotels In The Pacific

The pacific United States is best known for its sprawling coastline, picturesque mountains and serene ocean. Most travelers also associate the area with a less desirable high price tag. Or they believe that in order to visit the region on a budget, they will need to make sacrifices on lodging. That simply is not the case. There are options available for every budget, many of which are even boutique hotels.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii


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This beautiful seaside town in Hawaii with sprawling beaches and plenty of activities to keep families entertained. Since it’s located right on the shore, there are plenty of opportunities to take in the beautiful views and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Whether it be a stroll along the beach, surfing the high tide or searching for shells, Kailua Kona is a great destination for young and old alike. It’s also an affordable place to stay in the pacific, with hotels like Kona Seaside Hotel starting at only $134 per night.

Wailea (Maui), HI


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Every year millions of visitors flock to well known Maui. And with good reason! It boasts perfect weather, miles of coastline and plenty of local activities to boot. A comfortable stay at the Destination Resorts starts at only $189 per night.

Waikoloa, HI

Mauna Lani beach

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A bit on the quieter side of destinations in the pacific is Waikoloa. It is an island paradise featuring white sand beaches, historic royal fish ponds, tropical gardens and waterfalls. The luxuious Marriott hotel starts at only $171 per night. Amenities like a full spa, beauty shop, and concierge service will have visitors relaxed on a much needed vacation.

Concord, California

El Diablo aka Get High

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For travelers wishing to get a taste of the pacific without being in a tropical destination, California offers several options. One viable option is Concord. Being located in the Bay Area makes Concord easy to navigate via the light rail system. There are several wineries and breweries in the area for adults to enjoy as well as dozens of festivals throughout the year to entertain whole families. The Crowne Plaza comes in at just under $100 a night for an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, fitness center and on site convenience store.

Fresno, California

Fresno Skyline

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Another great pacific destination for travelers who want to be close the action is Fresno. There is a wide variety of things to do in Fresno, from the zoo to the museums, there’s even an underground garden! The University Square hotel keeps you close to the bustle and under budget at only $57 per night.

An adventure excursion, family outing or a relaxing oasis, whatever the reason, a vacation in the pacific northwest can be everything a traveler hopes it to be. All this without sacrificing comfort or budget!

Cheap hotels in the pacific
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