Visuals Are Cheap: Why Beautiful Vacations Needn’t Cost You An Arm & Leg

There are many objects of beauty in this world. To assume that you need to spend voraciously in order to experience them is simply a mistake. There are many things that you can do in order to witness the true beauty of the world. After all, the world may be divided by border controls, language barriers and oceans, but the fact that the Earth is a globally gorgeous place is impossible to deny.

So, if you’re in the search for some eye candy (we mean the true eye candy,) then knowing where to start is a good idea. You might be looking for that perfect photograph to submit to your local competition, to propose in a truly wondrous environment, or to simply cross something gorgeous off your bucket list. In any case, you can be sure to find beauty in the following locations:

Climb Your Nearest Hill!

We all know that height makes for the best views. Heading up a hill or mountain if you’re feeling positively hike-tastic can allow you a wondrous viewpoint. There’s something about overlooking a huge expanse or a city that gives you pause for thought. Sonder, the real feeling of understanding there are millions of life taking place that you are at best unrelated to is a feeling that gives you pause for thought. It can feel quite freeing and reflective. It shows you the depth and scale of the world, and just how much potential adventure is there for you.

Not only that, but of course climbing a hill serves as a pretty awesome day out. It gives you the feeling of accomplishment that flying to lay on a beach really can’t. It offers you a story to tell when reflecting on it. It widens your worldview. It also might actually take a day to climb and descend, meaning that you needn’t worry about the small and ineffectual side activities to keep your mind occupied. Also, it’s a deeply meditative experience, which can help you feel more present and healthy when you reach the top to take in the view. Best of all? Unless you’re climbing a massive mountain or paying for a guide, it’s absolutely, positively free. Just be sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and bring plenty to eat and drink along the way. Also, a map helps too. No visual is worth losing your way home.

Under The Sea

Now of course, while swimming underwater at your local beach can look beautiful in the summer, it’s hardly a practical option, and a little forced. Instead, simply heading to your local aquariums can be a worthwhile experience. This also sounds like a strange point, but be sure to read on. There are many excellent aquariums that are truly the place to see exotic and curated colonies of sea life that you would otherwise have to travel around the world and rent expensive scuba gear to see.

This way, yourself and your children can spend an off-peak day slowly traipsing around an aquarium for a very low asking price. These venues often host interesting talks with marine biologists, and may even allow for certain shows depending of the size of the venue. The reason why an aquarium is so unique and thus makes this list is that experiencing this anywhere other than here will require great planning and financial investment, and even physical training. This is not something that your child is likely to accompany you with. This way, you can share memories and experience some beautiful sights that you rarely see.

Northern Lights

Now, on a vacation sometimes making sure that many things can be ticked off the bucket list is the most economical way to go. If you’re hoping to attend a skiing vacation for example, or are simply exploring Europe, consider Senja in Norway. In places such as this, you not only get purpose fit accommodation for whatever your need, but access to one of the greatest light shows on Earth.

The Northern Lights are very likely to make even the best fireworks show you have ever seen seem inferior in comparison. With the right people and a few planned party events, you might just see one of the most beautiful sights in the world amongst good friends and family, having the time of your lives. Not bad for an experience bundled with a vacation you were going to take otherwise. After all, the secret of a thrifty mind is being able to combine deals when it sees them.

Drive To The Coast

It’s worth knowing that within your reach, there is likely an area you can drive to you have never experienced before. This might be your state, a county nearby, or the coast. The coast is a sight all in itself. No matter which coast you are on, there is likely to be some form of utility. Simply eating a meal and watching the boats coming in on the tides can be a tremendously peaceful experience. Also, no matter the shape of repair of the coastline itself, the massive power of the ocean is sure to leave you feeling humbled. It can be very important for children to see this in person specifically, as otherwise the ocean just seems like a conceptual entity without a real merit to it.

You might choose to accompany this view with a meditative activity, such as slow fishing or relaxing on a boat. In warm weather, you may choose to relax and eat barbecued food on the beach. The most important part is the set and setting, and unlike many other destinations seeing the sea and it’s enormity will never get old. Say what you want about the dangers of the sea, but you can’t deny its aesthetic provides value for money. Also driving along the coast to a spot you love is more than achievable, as it’s not as if the ocean is relegated to one beach, but an entire border with the landmass you call home.

With this in mind, you will likely find your vacation is both cheap, and filled with gorgeous visuals you will never forget.

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