Offering Your Blogging Services: 4 Key Things To Remember

Your blogging services can be invaluable to helping other businesses out. But when it comes to offering your blogging services to businesses or other organizations, what are the things that you can do to make sure that you are making yourself competitive and delivering what you offer?

Define Your Niche

Whether you are thinking about marketing HVAC companies or contractors, one of the most important things to do when offering your blogging services is to define a very specific type of company that could benefit from you. It all depends on what your expertise is; many people who go into blogging think they can diversify their efforts, but the reality is that they have to drill down into industries that could benefit from their services. This is why you’ve got to begin by doing less.

Offering Advice for Free (but Not All of It)

When it comes to offering your blogging services, either in a consultancy role or offering to rewrite content, you can start by offering a bit of advice for free. Look at the people that know the benefits of marketing and are making a killing doing it, they always offer good quality advice for free upfront, but then highlight the fact that what lies within is far more beneficial if they’re willing to pay for it. Nobody should have to offer their services for free because this does not help to earn a living. Instead, think about what it takes for you to stimulate interest from your desired client.

Pricing Your Services Appropriately

Many people try to be competitive by offering cut-price services. The fact is if you have a wealth of experience in a particular niche, you have to remember that you are worth it. It’s not about cutting yourself short; you’ve got to work more to give yourself a diverse client base so if you want to work with a great client, you’ve got to make sure that you deliver fantastic services, but all for the right price. Never sell yourself short.

Being Strict With Your Limits

Offering your services as a blogger, whether it’s to look at their content and redraft it, adding to the content mill, or providing a structure to their marketing strategy, the important thing to remember is that while you need to bend over backward for so many clients, you’ve got to make sure it’s not to the detriment of the quality of your work. This is why you need to be strict with your limits. Think about what it really takes to make sure you are strict with the number of rewrites, which is why having a contract with all of your bases covered can make a massive difference to the quality of your life.

You may be offering help to expand a business through your services, but when it comes to offering blogging expertise in a very specific way, you’ve got to determine who it is you want to work for and make sure you’re not doing yourself a disservice in the process.

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