How to make a light box to take better photos

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If you’ve noticed that your photos aren’t measuring up to your standards, especially of up close objects, you may need to build a light box. A light box creates a soft lighted effect around an object. It helps to showcase detail. A light box would be great for blog photos or even for shop photos for things you have for sale on Etsy or eBay.

It’s very affordable to build a light box. I used a large card board box. First you’ll need to use scissors or a box cutter to cut the top and sides to look like a window frame. After you’ve cut out the panels, then cover the top and sides with a sheet of white tissue paper. I just used packing tape to keep it in place. Then set a sheet of white poster board in the back and let it swoop down to cover the bottom as well. You can use any color for this, it will be your back drop. Lastly, your lighting. I used cheap shop lamps that can be found at Walmart for $4 with standard light bulbs. I purchased 3 and angled each one at each tissue paper window. This illuminated my box and made it ready for a test.


Here is the result of using a light box:

I’m pretty thrilled! I didn’t edit this photo at all and it still looks great. Overall a very affordable DIY that can be made super cheap if you already have the lamps, box & tissue paper. It might even work better with lower wattage light bulbs.

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