IFTTT: Automate your life! Great for bloggers!

I don’t usually give away my trade blogging secrets… Well I don’t usually publish them for the world to see. I do try to help others, if they ask. And that has begun to develop into some great opportunities for networking and friendships. So I’ve decided to share the little nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned with you.

One such nugget is an app that will save you hours as a blogger. It’s saved me countless hours of repetitive tasks. Things that I do to engage followers and boost traffic and promote my posts on social media. I used to take the time to do these things on my own, but I’ve found a way to do it automatically. I don’t even have to lift a finger now!

The fantastic tool that I’ve discovered that allows me to do this is an app called IFTTT. Short for “If This Then That.” You can sync your social media accounts with it and then set up recipes for it to follow. Recipes are the “if this” happens “then” do this kind of things. It will follow the recipes you set automatically.

The cool thing is that there is already a whole library of recipes to look through. But you can also set up your own recipes.

Not making sense yet? Well, let me share with you my favorite recipes so that you can see the potential and ease of use.

My top 5 favorite IFTTT recipes:

  1. If any new post on your WordPress blog, then add pin to Pinterest board. This recipe is fantastic! I used to have to go into Pinterest after every new blog post and pin it to my blog board so that my followers could see my updates. Now it does it automatically!
  2. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I have a personalized message set up to automatically thank new followers right after they follow me. This engages people and you can have it say anything you want it to!
  3. Thank your friends for birthday wishes on Facebook. It’s basically a scheduled post that will automatically thank your friends on your birthday for their birthday wishes. Be thankful without having to try 😉
  4. Tweet “Happy New Year” in 10 languages. Automatically wish a happy new year on New Year’s Eve.
  5. Save screenshots to a separate album. As a deal seeker and resource hoarder, I like having the things I want to save separate from photos I take with the camera.

The possibilities are pretty much endless with IFTTT. You can easily create your own recipes to suit your needs. Whether it be syncing accounts, retweeting, updating pages, and so on. It is a handy tool for any blogger. And the best thing is…. it’s FREE!

Do you use IFTTT? What are your favorite recipes?


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