Inexpensive Ways To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones When Travelling

Inexpensive Ways To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones When Travelling

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Travelling to a new country is always a lot of fun. You get to learn new things, enjoy the sights and sounds of new places, experience new things, etc. But there is always that moment when you miss your loved ones back at home, making you feel homesick. And believe it or not, being homesick has a way of ruining your travel if you have no affordable way to stay in constant touch with those you love back home.

Fortunately, there are more convenient and even better, cheaper ways to stay connected with those at home while you’re on the go. So, are you planning a trip overseas? Are you concerned about expensive international call charges and unreliable internet connectivity? Here are some affordable ways to keep in touch with your family and friends at home.

Choose a provider with affordable international rates

If you don’t have a current contract with a phone company, or you are thinking about jumping ship, then take the time to pick a provider with affordable international call rates before you set off. Depending on where you’re planning to go and how long you expect to stay, consider switching to a network provider that offers travel-friendly call plans. Also, consider special call services or packages you might prefer during your travels. For example, if you have a loved one locked up behind bars that you need to stay in touch with, look for a phone company that makes it possible to call a prisoner at affordable rates.

Internet-based services

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine any modern form of communication without the internet. Another thing worth considering when picking the right phone service provider is internet plans and coverage. That is especially important considering the numerous options available online. One thing you can opt for is video chatting. With so many international-friendly apps available, there are various options to choose from. Video chats offer one of the best ways to interact with your loved ones visually.

Plus, video call service charges are dropping rapidly as competition grows among service providers. You can also text on the go at very cheap rates with apps like Whatsapp. The extra benefit of this compared to old-school phone texting is that you can also share pictures and videos of your travel experience. And speaking about sharing, you can also use other options like social media platforms to stay connected with those who matter to you while updating them about your travel experience.

Send a postcard from where you are

Sometimes, there is nothing more convenient than a good old postcard. Even if you already have access to all the other options already mentioned previously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a postcard from where you are. Plus, who doesn’t want to receive a handwritten card from their loved ones abroad? Postcards also offer a fun way to surprise your recipient and give them something to keep. Postcards are fairly cheap. And though they may take extra time to arrive at their destination, they’re more than worth it.

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