How to Optimize Your Event Invitation Emails

While organizing events such as conferences, concerts, seminars, trainings, etc. an event manager is charged with a huge pile of cases that need to be racked up as quickly as possible. Moreover, he need to send a bunch of invitations to the event! That is why most of the organizers are looking for an easy, fast, inexpensive, but effective way to talk about the upcoming event. I would like to share with you few tips from Delivra and me on how to optimize your event invitation emails.

1. Make an announcement a month before the event.

According to statistics, the majority of registrations or purchases of tickets occur after the subscriber heard about your event at least twice. This is due not only with the psychological characteristics of the person, but also with simple logistics – the person need to check the schedule and make sure that he can come. Based on the foregoing, the newsletter can be sent approximately one time per week.

To subscribe to news, create a form and place it on the official website, as well as in social networks.

Make the first announcement brief, do not tell everything in order to create intrigue and attract subscribers. Tell about the specifics of the event, specify the date, venue and conditions of participation (paid / free).

2. Create the base for the event with interesting content.

If there are still 2 weeks before the event, do not let subscribers forget about you! Submit relevant content that is associated with a future event.

For example:

If you are making an announcement of the conference, an article or video about the premium segment, about the activities of the most successful firms will serve as good content.

For music concerts, material about the success story of a band or a performer, as well as a video invitation of speakers for their audience is perfect.

3. Send the third letter of the series.

In the third email, open the curtain of the event and tell about the speakers, the topics of the presentations, create a schedule, describe the conditions of participation (paid / free), the registration method or the cash desk address where you can buy tickets, ways to get additional information (website, email, contact phone ).

Invite email template essentials

Your event email should contain everything guests need to know, including how to attend your event and why they should come. Include the following details when you set up your invite email template:

The “who”

Your event title, tagline, and other identifying information.

The reader should get a clear idea of what your event is and what it is for from this information.

The “what”

An overview of what attendees can expect to learn, experience or do at your event.

What is your mission or purpose and why are you bringing this group of people together at this time?

The “where”

The exact location of the venue and the event itself.

We recommend including a map or directions, as well as information about parking and other logistics. (If you’ve blocked out hotel rooms, secured a travel discount, or made any other arrangements, this is the place to spell it out.)

The “when”

This should be the date and time of your event (it helps to include the day of the week as well as the actual date).

Ideally, this will be far enough in advance that your prospective attendees have time to make travel arrangements.

The “why”

Why should people attend?

What benefits are you offering, and what can attendees expect to gain from attending your event?

Take your time and spell out how they’ll benefit–will they network, have the opportunity to learn, or get a chance to show off their brand? You can detail this information in this section.

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