Expensive Education Not Required: Ways To Make More Money

There are plenty of ways to get rich, but in the majority of cases, you need to have an expensive education under your belt. While it would be nice to have the time and money to go to a costly college and get a degree, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. But does that mean that you have to settle for life than a less than handsome income? Absolutely not. There are plenty of ways to make a healthy income for yourself without a degree under your belt. We take a look at five of these options below.

Get Involved in Property

In some industries, it’s all about who has the most tenacity to succeed. Property is one such thing. You do need to have some money under your belt to get going, but there are funding options if you don’t have a pot of money to begin with. The good thing about property is that it’s a level playing field, really; if you’re smart enough and have good ideas, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a PhD or haven’t finished high school. Make the right investments, and it’ll come back to your handsomely.

Trading Options

It’s possible to have a highly lucrative job indeed, without even leaving your home. It’s called trading. The great thing about day trading is that the entry-barrier is virtually non-existent – if you have $100, you can get involved. Of course, like any trading, you need to know what you’re doing. But you don’t learn how to succeed in day trading in college. You can teach yourself. If you’re patient and willing to learn, look up the best trading platform, and get your new career underway. You might just find that you can significantly boost your income, just by using your own intelligence.

Get In On the Ground Floor

The working world has changed dramatically in recent years. While degrees are all but required for the biggest corporations, startups are a little bit laxer about the worker’s qualifications. If you’re good enough, you’re in. You’ll be battling against more experienced candidates if you want to work for a company you’ve already heard of, but what about the next big thing? Get in on the ground floor, and you might be an influential figure at a company that’s going places.

Gaps in the Market

But who says you need to join an existing startup? If you’re a natural problem solver, you could set up your own company. There’s a long list of entrepreneurs who did not finish college who ended up being hugely successful, Richard Branson being one of them. Don’t think that you can’t be a CEO just because you haven’t been to an Ivy League college; it has no impact whatsoever if you’re the one in charge. As a general rule, it’s always good advice to follow your passion – you’ll be happy, and might just get rich, too.

It might seem like money cares about where you went to school, but this is not always the case!

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