Splurge vs Save: Boosting the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your house, you’d want it to sell for a higher price than when you bought it. The complication lies in how houses generally wear out as years go by. You’ll have to make the house look expensive if you want it to be expensive. Home upgrades can double your property investment or at least raise your home’s value. Not all home upgrades are costly and some are well worth the money.


Flooring Update

Drab looking floors won’t do you any good when you’re trying to raise your home’s property value. Floorings take up so much space in your house that you probably should spruce it up. There are many decorative concrete options for breathing life into gray concrete floors. Concrete staining, polishing, and epoxy coating are some of them.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

A worn out looking pool deck can be an eyesore to someone wanting to cash out on a house. If you want to raise the interest of buyers, you’re going to have to give that old deck a facelift. Cover up unsightly cracks and other obvious imperfections with pool deck resurfacing. This will give it a whole new look that’s easy on the eyes from any angle.

Driveway Improvement

This area of your home receives the most vehicle traffic making it prone to damages like cracks and spalling. These obvious flaws won’t do you any good if you want to raise the home value. Improve the look and functionality of your driveway by having it resurfaced. Adding colors and textures that complement the design of your home is sure to win any home buyer’s attention.

Patio Revamping

Having a patio is enough to catch the attention of home buyers. Having a gorgeous looking patio, however, converts the attention into sales. Adding overlays like concrete stamping is a great option for increasing the aesthetic appeal of your patio. It can transform any plain patio into a display of a luxurious living area.


Yard Keeping

The look of the yard that’s as green as can be, signifies that a home is properly maintained. Lawns need to be kept healthy from dry spells and excessive heat and hedges need to be trimmed. Keep your yard in good shape by taking these necessary measures. It’s an inexpensive option that will improve the overall look for your home.

Home Maintenance

Home buyers are meticulous and pay attention to every little thing because they want value for their money. From creaking floors to leaking pipes, you need to inspect your home from anything that needs repairing. Buyers wouldn’t want to invest in a house that isn’t properly maintained throughout the years.

Visually Increasing Space

You don’t have to renovate your whole house to make it look more spacious. A few tweaks like good lighting, clearing cluttered set-ups and adding wide wall mirrors are enough. You can even re-decorate your home with a minimalist design. It doesn’t have to be expensive, all it takes is some creativity.

Keep it Clean

A simple way to attract home buyers is to keep your entire house completely spotless. A clean house shines bright and looks just like new. Every area of your house needs to be clear of molds, stains, and grime. This gives potential buyers the idea that your home is well taken care of.

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