5 Ways to Optimize Social Media Posts For Business

It’s difficult to overstate just how important social media can be for growing companies. Indeed, reports indicate that 77% of companies use social media for sales, marketing, or customer service. For many businesses, social media is the primary method they use to communicate with customers and gain valuable feedback about their products or services. In other words, how businesses approach social media can have a big impact on their overall success. With that in mind, today we’ll share five ways businesses can optimize social media posts. Check them out here:

Edit Posts Thoroughly

It sounds obvious, but before any professional schedules a post on social media, they need to edit it for style, grammar, and content. A small spelling error is a little embarrassing for a business, but a post that contains incorrect, outdated, or private information can be hugely damaging. If possible, have at least two employees look at a social media post before final scheduling.

Get the Timing Right

A Facebook post made at 4:37 on a Friday afternoon isn’t likely to get anyone’s attention. As such, it’s imperative for marketers to schedule social media posts at opportune times –– ideally when most of their customer base is logged on. Additionally, always give yourself enough time to promote events or sales. A month’s worth of posts about an upcoming conference will garner better results than a post or two made a few days beforehand.

Coordinate Across Channels

Naturally, businesses should make use of multiple social media channels to reach as many consumers as possible. However, large businesses that have many locations typically have separate accounts for individual stores. In such scenarios, it’s crucial for these companies to have a strong web presence management system in place. This will allow companies to maintain brand consistency across different networks and to mitigate against online threats to brand reputation.

Focus on Aesthetics

How a post on social media looks matters just as much as its content. The reality is that engaging images are still the best way to win customer attention –– and without them businesses will likely struggle to build a following on social media. Remember, a great blog is nothing without a great picture to accompany it!

Deliver Value

A good social media post carries value for consumers. This might come in the form of information, entertainment, a monetary discount, or some other form of special offer. Regardless, social media posts should clearly indicate why consumers should interact with them. Social media posts ought to be designed to fill a specific purpose and achieve a specific goal. Manage that closely, and you’ll be sure to attract plenty of meaningful traffic as a result.

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