Country Crust Bakery in Bainbridge Ohio

My husband and I love to visit my parents in southern Ohio. While in the area, we are always up for a visit to our favorite family run stores in Amish country.

Country Crust Bakery in Bainbridge Ohio is one of our favorites.

Country Crust Bakery

Country Crust Bakery

The location is perfect. Perfectly planted where the ground is flat but hills roll in the distance. Work horses graze on one side of the bakery while laundry dries in the back yard.

Country Crust Bakery usually keeps the same offerings in stock. The usual baked goods like sugar cookies, pies, breads and donuts. The women are at constant work preparing fresh goods. I love being able to see the kitchen at work. When it’s done right, it’s like a living and breathing organism. All working in unison.

Can you tell how much I love this place?

Here are some of the tasty treats you can find at Country Crust Bakery.


Country Crust Bakery Bainbridge Ohio

Wide variety of baked goods



Country Crust Bakery Bainbridge Ohio

Pies, pies and more… pies!


Fresh Amish noodles at Country Crust Bakeryi in Bainbridge Ohio

Fresh noodles

I love to stop here for lunch. You can get fresh made to order sandwiches and pizzas. Just check off your choices on a piece of paper, take a number, pay and wait.


Sandwiches made to order at Country Crust Bakery

Order exactly what you want at the window

I went for a classic ham and cheese, but on a pretzel bun. The meat is cut a bit thicker, like Bologna. It tastes like an Easter ham. The pretzel is wonderful toasted.


country crust bakery

Ham & Swiss on a pretzel bun

There’s even a little grove of picnic tables to take it all in and enjoy a nice lunch.


Country Crust Bakery

Take in the view


What’s your favorite baked good? I love peanut butter haystacks.

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