Here’s How To Cut The Cost Of Your Holiday Accommodation

There’s no denying that one of the most significant expenses you’re likely to incur on any vacation is accommodation. Even if you avoid high-end, premium hotels with four-figure nightly costs, your temporary residence can eat into a large portion of your vacation fund.

Thankfully, it’s possible to stay in places that are comfortable, safe, and boast all the amenities you’d expect from guest accommodation but without paying a fortune for your stay.

The following ideas will help you to lower the cost of your vacation and inspire you for alternative accommodation options:

Avoid Staying In City Centers

Many tourists believe it makes sense to have their accommodation in the heart of the action. After all: such a decision means it’s easier to check out the sights, and they’ll always be in a central location.

The truth is, those people will almost certainly pay a premium for the convenience of staying in a city center. Don’t make that same mistake; save your money and stay somewhere further afield.

Sometimes the price difference can be significant and may mean you can stay on vacation for longer.

Consider Staying In An Apartment

When you go on a vacation, you don’t always have to stay in a hotel. Sometimes, it can make more financial sense to stay in a short-term apartment rental. Why could that be cheaper than a hotel, you might ask yourself?

Firstly, you can have the freedom to cook your own meals in your accommodation – saving you money on your food bills. Secondly, it can make more sense if you’re traveling as a large group.

Lastly, you aren’t paying for overheads like concierge staff and facilities you’ll never use.

Rent An RV For An Alternative Experience

If you enjoy exploring places and don’t mind venturing off the beaten track, alternative accommodation experiences like renting an RV for your vacation could make more sense!

RVs give you the freedom to have a different view from your accommodation each day, plus you don’t need to worry about things like checking in or out. Moreover, you can cook meals in your RV to further save money on your vacation.

Book Your Accommodation Direct

It can make more sense to stay at a bricks-and-mortar accommodation like a hotel or guest cabin in some circumstances. In those cases, you want to ensure that you get the best accommodation for your needs while paying as little as possible.

One effective way to achieve that goal is by booking your stay directly with the accommodation provider. Doing so means you can take advantage of special deals you won’t find out booking websites elsewhere.

Check For Special Online Offers

Last but not least, ensure you scour the Internet for discount codes and coupons to help you lower your accommodation cost. For example, you might get discounted rates at a hotel if you pre-book an attraction simultaneously.

Don’t assume that hotels and other guest accommodation providers only provide set prices. Accommodation costs can vary depending on where you book and how you do so.

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