The Ultimate Guide To Unique Travel Accommodation

The lure of the all-inclusive resort can be all too great when you are thinking about your next vacation. The thought of paying one lump sum that covers your accommodation, all of your food, drink and even some activities and excursions can be tempting because of its convenience. You can rock up to the resort, check into your room and not have to worry about budgeting for your meals. All you need to do is whip on your bikini and head to the pool with your beach towel. However, you might be hankering after something a little more authentic and unusual. Once you’ve seen one luxury kidney shaped pool, you’ve seen them all. If you fancy a change from the high rise hotel, take a look at these more inspiring accommodation options when on your travels.

Ice, Ice, Baby

If you are considering a jaunt to a chillier destination, you might be after some accommodation that you can rest your weary bones in knowing that you will be warm, toasty and comfortable. The thought of a stay in an Ice hotel might not be your first consideration when looking into luxury dwellings. However, in the same way as an igloo is super insulated, a snow hotel can be one of the warmest accommodation options if you are heading to Finland, Iceland or the Arctic Circle. Sleeping in a room made of ice and snow really is a memorable experience. You may even have a unique piece of ice art sculpted in your room. While you might think that you’ll wake up feeling cold, you’ll be surprised just how toasty you reindeer skin blanket and bedding will keep you. You can wake up feeling refreshed, ready for breakfast before departing for a day out on the snow, sledding with a pack of huskies or snowshoeing across a giant glacier.


We’ve all heard of the concept of glamping but how many of us have actually given it a go. While camping means you will inevitably have to endure a crick in your neck every morning from a less than desirable sleeping position, sleeping bags and thermals as well as less than salubrious shared shower facilities, glamping can provide a wholly different experience.

Often set up using yurts or teepees, glamping uses more static accommodation for the ultimate luxury camping experience. You might have the option to cook your own breakfast with luxury ingredients over your fire in the center of your yurt. You might even find yourself in a wattle and daub built cabin, singing songs around a campfire and toasting marshmallows before bedtime.

Log Cabin

If you enjoy getting off the beaten track and staying away from the tourist crowds, a log cabin in the depths of the forest could be just what you are looking for. In the twenty first century with new technological advancements emerging every ten seconds, more social media platforms than you can shake a stick at and a vast array of addictive gadgets and gizmos, sometimes you yearn for the simpler things in life. Staying in a log cabin away from fiber optic broadband and anything resembling a laptop, means that you can enjoy the quietness of solitude.

Instead of switching on your smartphone as soon as you wake up and scrolling through your Facebook feed, put on your walking boots and take a stroll to the local river for a walk at the crack of dawn with the local wildlife. Breathing in the cool fresh air, partaking in a spot of gentle exercise and taking your eyes away from pixelated screens will help you destress, improve your fitness levels and feel generally more healthy.

Pod Hotel

If you are venturing a little further afield and heading to the Far East, Japan has an array of pod hotels located in its cities. Hot foot it to Tokyo or Osaka and you could stay in a pod hotel. Just as their name suggests, these hotels consist of pods, one on top of another, that consist of nothing more than a bed. You scramble in, lie down and sleep, before heading out for a lovely Japanese style breakfast. Not an accommodation to spend much time relaxing in, this is simply a place to rest your head and get a good night’s sleep.

If you fancy staying somewhere a little more unusual, you could do much worse than heading to an ice hotel, a yurt, a log cabin or a pod hotel. Each of these weird and wonderful accommodation options will provide you with a memorable experience. Thinking outside the box, venturing onto travel blogs and doing your research could result in a whole new world of vacation accommodation opening up to you.

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