Travel Essentials You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

Yes, this is a blog about the weird and wonderful world of being thrifty. And yes, not cheaping out is the first rule in the handbook. It’s right next to “shop around for a bargain” and “use comparison websites.” So, the fact you’re reading a post about spending money may be shocking, which is understandable.

However, there is an excellent reason: certain purchases deserve respect.

No, it’s not because there aren’t cheaper alternatives; it’s because the quality is high. Sometimes, spending money before you board a plane can save you a small fortune in the long-term. Here are four travel essentials which prove the point.

Medical Insurance

Some vacation-goers and travelers with particularly keen wanderlust never buy medical insurance. After all, the chances of using it are slim to zero. True, but on the off chance it happens, you want to be able to fall back on your plan. Remember that it isn’t as easy as boarding a plane with a broken arm or leg and surviving the flight. If you’re on a respirator after a motorcycle accident, your family will need to pay for transportation services which are insane. You can find out more online about crashes and how to act. As a rule, it’s best to let the insurance company pick up the tab by purchasing a comprehensive policy.

Cell Contract

Typically, there is no need to use your cell phone abroad unless there’s free wifi. Wifi doesn’t cost a penny and it doesn’t require a working chip. So, everything is going smoothly until you find yourself in a tight spot; maybe you get lost and need directions. Because you don’t speak the language, it’s time to turn to your phone. Sadly, either it doesn’t work without wifi or your contract supplier will charge you a fortune to use 4G. With a contract which works abroad as well as at home, you can avoid these types of situations as it will save you the $150 in roaming charges.

You might want to look into Google Fi as a good alternative for international travel; their monthly plans are very budget-based and you can disable service when you are not travelling to save even more money.

Passport Identification Flag Usa Travel Visa


You’re a week or two away from going on vacation and then you spot it – the date in your passport. According to the info, it’s going to run out while you’re abroad. That’s a big whoops moment because most countries won’t let you enter without a valid passport. So, it’s time to file for a new one and hope that it turns up in time. Thankfully, you can speed up the process by paying for the fast service. It’s not cheap, but it should ensure the document arrives before the departure date, saving money in airline and accommodation fees.

Business Credit Card Credit Card Money Payment

Credit Card

Plastic is king nowadays, so your card is coming along for the ride. Typically, the interest fees dictate whether it’s cheap. Abroad, it’s about the handling costs and the foreign charges. A lot of people find it more reasonable to pay more in interest pay month and scrap these fees than to lower the rate. Remember that you’ll use it a hell of a lot and the charges can add up to a large figure.

Do you agree or disagree with the above?

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