The Essential Guide To Starting A Successful Blog

It doesn’t matter whether you want to write for pleasure, write critiques on current affairs or start an online writing business to make money, blogging is a fantastic way to get yourself noticed in whatever sphere you wish to inhabit. Blogging was once the realm of static web pages, blocky graphics, and niche subject areas. Fast forward a decade, and now everyone likes to think of themselves as a wordsmith. While it’s true that you do need to be a decent speller, understand syntax and know your semicolons from your ellipses, you need to know even more about getting noticed, the world of SEO and meta tags. If you’re keen to begin a blog, take a look at this essential guide to get you started.

Who Are You?

The simplest way to consider your identity online, the purpose of your blog and your target audience is to think about your logo and typeface. The font that you choose as well as the tone of your posts will have a massive impact on the audience you attract. By utilising a brand template you can be sure of consistency across your blog, website and social media feeds. Logos, slogans and tone of voice remain consistent. This is vital if you want to be instantly recognisable. If your audience base recognises a post from you, your reputation will precede you, your post gets shared, your readership swells, and you can generate more revenue if this is the purpose of your blog.


While you may have the best written film reviews known to humankind on your blog, if no one knows that your blog even exists, who is going to read them? You need to become adept at keywording and search engine optimisation. You want your blog to appear on the first page of the Google results, rather than languishing at page fifty two. Use the search terms that you believe your readership will google. If you struggle to understand the concept of SEO, consider signing up to Google Adwords and Analytics to help you analyse the sources of your hits so you can adapt your content accordingly.

Write What You Know

There are certain sub-genres of blog that have become very popular in recent years. Travel blogs, beauty blogs, and coaching blogs are ten a penny nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for your travel blog if you can find a niche. Perhaps you are a solo female traveller staying with families overseas. Maybe you are visiting every country in the world in alphabetical order. Or perhaps you’re keen to cycle the globe rather than setting foot on a plane. If you have an interesting angle that hasn’t been done before, and you can write well, you can find yourself with a buoyant audience hanging on your every word.

Blogging is a wonderful pastime, a potential money making venture and an awesome way to clarify your scattered thoughts. Use this guide and get your blog off to a successful start.

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