Easy Tips To Grill Like A Pro

grill tips
Here’s a quick and easy list of tips to grill like a pro.

  1. Use wood. Sure you can worry about using gas or charcoal, but wood adds a whole different depth of flavor! If you have a gas grill, throw some chips in the smoker box. If you have charcoal, throw it right in with the coals.
  2. Lube is key. You aren’t using oil on your grate? Shame on you! It’ll stick and make clean up suck.
  3. Leave the skin on. Sure we like boneless skinless chicken breast, but the skin locks in moisture.
  4. Flip it. But only once. Don’t worry about flipping multiple times and possibly breaking apart all that succulent meat. Or veggies, if you’re into that.
  5. Use seasoning! Even if it’s just salt, it’ll help create a savory crust on the meat.
  6. Let it get some ZZZZs. Not literally. But when it’s done cooking, let it rest for a bit to drive the juices into the center of the meat.

Are you a grill master? Any tips you can share with readers?


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