It Pays Off: Be Spontaneous When Traveling

One good thing about road trips, is that 100% of the time, you have your vehicle. Having your vehicle, opens up a whole realm of possibilities for travel. You can decide where you will stop, where you will go, what you will do. It’s all on your own terms. I love travel on my own terms. It gives me the ability to be spontaneous.

On one road trip not too long ago, we were traveling from Redbank New Jersey up to New York City. We didn’t really have plans for lunch, other than finding a place to stop and eat what I packed into the cooler. So I kept my eyes open while we drove up the coast. I expected to find a rest stop or maybe even a small park.

I’ve been known to eat in parking lots too, if we are hard pressed to find something better. It’s not that odd, is it?

Anyways, while driving up the coast, I started feeling hunger pains and knew I needed to find something fast. In that very moment I spotted a sign for Old Bridge Waterfront Park. I just thought it would be a few picnic tables, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a boardwalk, picnic tables, beaches and dock.

It was bit of a gloomy day. It had rained that morning and was on the verge of clearing up, so there were only a handful of other people in the area. A police cruiser sat in the parking lot, so we felt pretty safe too.

We ate in the car while the rain finished spitting and then walked the beach and docks. It was good to stretch our legs and be spontaneous. Bryan said it was his favorite day of our trip. Which was encouraging, of course. I love that in our travels we are free to be adventurous and deviate from the plan. We wouldn’t be able to see half the things we’ve seen otherwise!

Are you spontaneous when traveling or do you stick to the plan? What things have you found while being spontaneous?


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