Mini Golf Date at Stoney Creek Golf Center in New Kensington Pennsylvania 

Bryan and his best friend, Mike,had been in in cahoots together to plan a date night activity for the four of us to enjoy. At first, Bryan thought maybe a trip to the movies. But our friends have a newborn, so we wanted to do be able something all together. So after some Googling we decided to take check out the minigolf nearby.

Stonycreek Golf Center in New Kensington PA is a nice small business on the outskirts of town. It offers a driving range, a pro shop, lessons, and a mini golf area. It’s very nice because of the quiet country like surroundings. I liked being able to hear the water fountain run and the birds chirping in the distance.

stony creek golf center new kensington
We visited during a very rainy week. The effects of flooding was obvious on some holes of the mini golf course. Sadly. Although I know that they have no control over nature so I don’t fault Stony Creek. And really the only problem was a little bit of mud on the green.

stony creek golf center new kensington
In addition to the four of us (plus baby A), only two other groups were on the course. It was kind of nice having it to ourselves. We could laugh and clown around without bothering anyone, so you know that Bryan and Mike had fun for sure 😉

stony creek golf center new kensington
The golf course is set up to be kind of serene nature like. There aren’t any wind mills or clowns or astronauts with mops (Simpsons reference), but there are ample streams, trees, and fountains. At five dollars per person it wasn’t a bad time at all. Cheap dates that are filled with laughter really are the best!

stony creek golf center new kensington
We played through all 18 holes. I unfortunately had to pass on a few due to rain or mud in the hole, but that’s just the weather lately. Good news is, I got a hole in one! Never ever has that happened before. Sure the rest of the holes I took 6 swings at, but still!

stony creek golf center new kensington
Overall, I was fairly impressed with my experience at Stony Creek Golf Center. The staff were very nice, and it was all around easy to have a good time together. There was a constant flow of customers in and out of the building and driving range, which is always a good sign for a small business.

If you’re in the area and looking for something to do, check out Stoney Creek Golf Center. It might not have all the bells and whistles that some mini golf centers have, but it is beautifully landscaped and family friendly.

Have you ever gone mini golfing?


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