First Time Flyer? Follow These Tips

If you have never been on a plane before, the idea of flying high in the sky in a big machine can be a little daunting to say the least. The first time you book a flight abroad can be a scary and exciting time, and you will likely need to have some handy tips and tricks to make the experience less scary and stressful. Here are all of the essential things you need to know about flying for the first time and how you can cope with the experience without panicking.

Backup paperwork

When you head to the airport there are a whole load of documents you need to bring along with you. You will need to have your passport as ID, boarding passes and any other things which you have purchased for the flight such as extra luggage space, insurance etc… to make sure that you don’t forget all of these items you can think about downloading an app on your phone and scanning everything in. This will mean you never have to panic that you have left anything at home!

Check your luggage

It is important before your first flight that you take a look at the airport guidelines and ensure that you are packing the right items and that you stick to a weight under the maximum that they will allow. Weighing your luggage will ensure that you are allowed on the flight and checking for forbidden items can really make your customs visit much less stressful.

Bring someone along

Going to the airport to catch a flight for the first time is vastly different to what you would find going to a train station. There are vast spaces which you have to navigate, many different stages in the flight process and there are rules and guidelines with the time you need to be ready to board etc… for a first time flyer going solo it can be anxiety inducing, which is why you should always bring someone along for this first time abroad. They will already know the rules and they can guide you through and tell you the reasons why they do what they do, it will be much easier and less stressful overall.

Entertain yourself

Depending on where you are traveling to, flights can involve hours and hours in the air and it can be incredibly boring for you. If you have never been on a plane before you need to find a way to distract yourself from the fact that the plane will take off and fly high in the air, and the best thing to do is bring along an activity to do for the flight. It could be reading a book, playing cards or painting a picture… just make sure you have something with you to make the flight go quicker.

Get some sleep

If in doubt, get some sleep on the plane. If you know that you might suffer with some anxiety oh your flight, you are best off trying to sleep through the flight and wake up as the plane lands. You can use this guide to help you sleep through your trip and are up feeling ready for an adventure.

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