Breaking Free From The Blogging Catch 22

There are hundreds of articles out there claiming that blogging could be your way to make millions. Sadly, almost all of them have one significant downside – they refer to what could happen if you were in a position to blog full-time.

Despite these ‘easy how-to’ guides, making money blogging is a labor-intensive task. If you’re to stand any real chance at success, it often seems like you have to blog continuously. The trouble is that you can’t do that until your blogging income is already large enough to sustain you. It’s the typical blogger catch 22, and you may be wondering how on earth to work around it.

The good news is that, while you might not make millions with a blogging side hustle, it is possible to earn a decent amount alongside your salary. You could even build your money-making here so that you really can blog full-time. All you need to do is consider these loopholes.

Collaborative posts

You know those bloggers who seem to work full-time and still manage ten blog posts a week? The chances are that they aren’t actually writing everything they upload. Collaborative posts written by other are sometimes an ideal compromise. These both grow your audience and make money without effort on your part. If you feel conflicted about posting articles you haven’t written, be transparent about it and select posts you can get behind. As simple as that, you can start producing full-time content despite your part-time hours.

Make a plan for downtime

Downtime is bad news for any website. Not only does it cost you views, but it could also cost in advertising that’s sure to bounce. When you blog full-time, this is something you can take care of as and when, but the same can’t be said for your side hustle. Using a managed host provider is a good bet for at least ensuring downtime is always short-lived. You should also consider something like the downtime checker script from PPCnerd. This is a simple way to automate Google Ads pauses when your site fails, and can save you on wasted advertising. That way, you can at least reduce any monetary damage until you finish work for the day.

Be realistic about brand work

Brand work is a sure way to guaranteed money, and a chance to introduce your audience to something new. But, while blogging may be a side hustle to you, this is still a business contract. If you agree to a date, you need to complete the work by then. To make blogging pay part-time, then, you need to be realistic about what you can do. Don’t agree to ten jobs on a week-long deadline when you don’t have the time. Instead, pick only brands you’re keen to work with and let them know about the time you actually have to spare. That way, you ensure you’re able to deliver each job while also creating brand connections which could allow you to blog full-time in the future.

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