The Serious Last-Ditch Attempts To Cut Back Our Debt

You think you’ve tried everything, but it’s not working. When we are trapped under so much debt, we can feel that we’ve done everything in our power, but it’s not enough. This means that we’ve got to get serious to trim back our expenses and make some real drastic changes for the better. And we have to do this right now! What are the best options?

Legal Help

They say bankruptcy is the last option. If you are seriously contemplating this, there are numerous debt lawyers, like McCarthy Law PLC, that can give you solid advice on how best to progress. They will be able to tell you if it’s worth filing for bankruptcy, and what your options are if you do so. Bankruptcy isn’t just one thing, it falls into various categories, like Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The big mistake people make when filing for bankruptcy is thinking it’s the best way to wipe the slate clean. You may have your debt excused, but only under certain conditions.

Drastic Lifestyle Alterations

What is the most expensive thing you buy that is essential? Food! As cost-effective as it would be to fast until you get out of debt, it’s not particularly fun or particularly healthy after a point! Instead, you could live well and eat healthily by living a rice and beans existence. It’s not fun, but it’s incredibly cheap. On the other hand, if you look at your food habits and realize that you waste a lot of it; get into the habit of making everything go further.

Getting Rid Of Your Smartphone

Could you bear to do it? If you could, you will see a major saving on your monthly outgoings. Yes, there are plenty of money-saving apps, but in the grand scheme of things, time away from the stress of social media is incredibly beneficial for us. But if you feel that you need a phone, just to keep in contact with people, you can get a basic mobile phone that has no internet, keeping you in the loop. You don’t have to get rid of the internet completely, you can still have it at home, and you may feel better for not being glued to your screen all of the time anyway!

Paying The Best Price For Services

If you have home insurance, can you find a cheaper policy? The same goes with your utility supplier, car insurance, and the list goes on. We don’t think about this too much, because we believe we’ve got the best deal. But when you break it down, and you see how much you’re spending per month on one thing, can you make life easier for yourself by saving more on these essential outgoings?

If you really want to save money, you will do it. But if you tried every which way, and nothing is happening, you’ve got to step it up. Saving money can feel painful, like we giving up some part of our life, but when we make these big changes, and we realize that we’ve survived, it makes us happier, and we finally realize that what we were spending money on the vast majority of the time wasn’t really necessary in the grand scheme of things.

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