Frugal Christmas Gifts, Money Saving Tips & More #ThriftyThursday

Welcome to Because I’m Cheap’s roundup of the best thrifty and money saving tips from around the internet! In this edition, we have a selection of wonderful posts to help you save money on Christmas! Plus a few other bonus thrifty posts.

Thrifty Christmas Ideas:

Salt Dough Ornaments – Super cute DIY ornaments you can make with items you already have on hand!

Boxed Tea Set Frugal Gift Idea – This would make a lovely gift for the tea lover. Or me 😉

Getting Through Christmas Without Debt – It’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and overspend. Here’s how not to.

Snowman Candy Bar Basket Frugal Gift – Too cute and cheap not to try. And if you mess up, there’s still chocolate to share!


Other Thrifty Things:

Hobo Dinner – Easy clean up and a tasty dinner. Just roll up the ingredients in tin foil and bake.

New York City On A Budget – 3 days in NYC for two under $300. And how she did it!

Family Finances: Teens Cost More – Maybe that goes without saying, but her tips to save money on teens are worth a read!




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