Family-Friendly Holiday Vacation Destinations For All Ages

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with that comes time off to spend with your loved ones. Your teens might be finishing up the semester with high school Spanish 2 online courses, or perhaps a younger child might be wrapping up elementary-level math and are just as ready for a break as you are. Maybe you’ve even got a college student coming home for winter break whom you haven’t seen in several months. Heck, you even have some time off left to use at work! This is the perfect opportunity to take a nice little family vacation while everyone is together and free of work for a bit. The U.S. is full of great holiday vacation destinations that are fun for the whole family, many of which won’t break the bank too badly, either.

Orlando, FL

If you’ve never been to Disney World or Universal Studios, Christmas is the perfect time to check it off the list. There are often family ticket deals to get the most bang for your buck, where you can get resort deals and extra days to explore the parks. Disney castle is decorated especially for the holidays, along with most of the rest of the park. Mascots like Mickey and Goofy will be dressed up for the occasion, and special parades are a sight to behold. On top of all that, you’ve got all the normal rides and concerts to enjoy. The same can be said for Universal, as the park pumps Christmas music throughout the park and supplies plenty of themed entertainment. You’ll see plenty of scarves and snows at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can enjoy a piping hot cup of butterbeer to put you in the holiday mood. Both are excellent choices, so dedicate your time to one park or divide it for both; either way, there is plenty of fun for all ages that your kids will be enthralled with, whether they’re seven or seventeen.

Branson, MO

Looking for something a little more affordable but equally as festive? Branson is overflowing with holiday spirit. Decorations are erected in early November and last throughout the rest of the year. Lights, inflatables, and festive music can be found around nearly every corner, and there are a wide variety of activities to indulge in. Aside from countless interesting museums, shows, arcades, mini-golf courses, zip-lining, and caves to explore, the holidays seem to bring an air of wonder to Branson. Spend a day at the Silver-Dollar City theme park, where you can catch a thrill on one of the many different 1880’s-style rides or explore several dozens of shops like woodworking, blacksmiths, candy shops, leather works, and glass-blowers. The entire park is decorated for Christmas time and at night millions of lights bring the place to life.

Outside the park, folks can catch a ride on The Polar Express, where they can view the snowy land around Branson and listen to music from the film, dine, and drink hot chocolate, of course. The Dolly Parton Parade is especially popular during this time of year, too, and the entire family can watch tricks and acrobatics involving trained professionals, horses, and other animals. There is a spectacular Christmas-themed show to go along with the fun, and a feast is brought right to each spectator’s seat as it goes on–along with dessert to finish things up.

New York, NY

The Big Apple is known for its grandeur, and the holidays only amplify its festivities. If you’re stopping by, you’ve got to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, which is famous for being particularly spectacular. Ice-skating in central park is another must-do, and many others are sure to be seen racing across the icy surface, both experienced and new (so don’t worry if you’re not great to start with). Broadway is often showing Christmas-themed shows during this time of year, and managing to get tickets to one is utterly whimsical. Overall, the city is absolutely filled to the brim with Christmas splendor, and if you visit during the right time, you might even manage to catch a holiday parade.

Tis the Season!

These vacation destinations are sure to put your family in the holiday spirit and leave them eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival when they return home. These aren’t the only holiday destinations, however, as going skiing in Colorado, exploring the Las Vegas strip, and visiting countless other Christmas-themed towns and cities are all viable options. Wherever your family decides to go, you can be sure there will be plenty of holiday cheer and smiles to go around.

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