3 Bargain Excursions To Enjoy When On Vacation

Vacations are expensive. Period. Taking a fortnight out of your busy life to ship the kids off to some far-flung destination to enjoy the historical and cultural sights of somewhere new doesn’t come cheap. You have to factor in travel costs, transportation, food and accommodation. On top of this, you ache to make the vacation memorable for all the right reasons. You need to get your brood onto some travel excursions so they can immerse themselves in the region to which you are traveling. Take a look at these handy excursions that will cost you next to nothing and ensure that your family have an incredible time.

National Parks

If you’re staying with the USA, there’s no better way to while away a day or two than by visiting a national park. From Yellowstone to Zion and from Arches to the Grand Canyon, national parks have been preserved to ensure the rich geographical splendor of the United States is enjoyed by all. If you time your travel astutely, you could find yourself heading to a national park when the entrance fee is totally free. The government is keen to ensure that the parks remain as accessible as possible and they are eager to encourage a new generation to enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting healthy at the same time. If you find that you and your troop adore walking, hiking and picnicking down at Yosemite, why not consider investing in an annual pass. One initial financial outlay could cover days out for the entire year.

Last Minute Bargains

If you really hanker after that evening excursion to catch the latest Broadway show or you fancy embarking on a morning helicopter flight to witness the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, you should consider holding your nerve and waiting until the last moment to book. While risky, you may find yourself grabbing a bargain. Companies would rather get bottoms on seats for tiny amounts instead of seeing their theaters or flights empty. Don’t be too nervous about jumping aboard a holiday excursion flight of any kind. Slack & Davis explain how the National Transportation Safety Board have public records of all aviation accidents. You’ll soon see that you are much safer flying than driving your own car!

Free Outings

People say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but they’d be wrong! When on vacation it pays to check out the free excursions that might be on offer. If you’re in D.C. why not head to the Smithsonian Institution or you could time your vacation to coincide with the Chicago Jazz Festival if free music is more to your liking. There are plenty of ways to enjoy high-quality events, museums and excursions throughout the USA without spending a cent.

If you love nothing more than an annual vacation with your family, and you relish giving your little ones new and exciting experiences, but you feel like you don’t have the funds to match, use some of these ideas as inspiration for your next trip away.

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