Seven Ways to Save Money On Your Summer Vacation

Even if money is tight, you should spend some time relaxing and take a vacation. You can find a few tips below on arranging the trip and saving money all the way. From accommodation to travel insurance and choosing the right time to go, there are several methods people around the world use to make their vacations cheaper and enjoy time off for less.

1. Book Well In Advance

The best way of making sure that you get the best price possible is booking well in time. While you might have to talk to your employer about booking the time off fist, you can save hundreds if you buy before other people discover the destination or even think about their vacation for the year. Check out which days are best for booking flight, and check Kayak for price trend predictions, so you can decide whether you should book now or wait.

2. Choose a Location that Is Less Popular

Whether you would like a beach vacation or a quiet place with plenty of nature, you can find a good deal off the beaten path. Research destinations that don’t have enough tourists, and have offers on. In recent years, for example, Turkey and Tunisia just became much cheaper, due to the security issues in the countries. You might save yourself a fortune and still get excellent service, as hotel owners want to make the most out of the season and their capacity.

3. Borrow Your Friends’ Villa

If you find it hard to save up for your accommodation, you could ask your friends or family members if they will allow you to stay at their vacation home or villa for a few days or a week. You will need to offer to pay for the accommodation, but eventually you will end up with a much smaller bill than if you were staying at a hotel. To earn your friends’ trust, you will need to find the place in the same condition you found it, as well.

4. Save on Single Supplement

In case you are a single traveler, you might be charged a single supplement fee by the hotels. To avoid these charges, you might try to find a travelling companion, and share a twin room. If none of your friends are available, you could book a room in a bed and breakfast, or an AirBnB accommodation. Alternatively, you can book a cheap log cabin in the woods, or take your tent with you. Check out for great tents that will fit in your backpack and keep you dry and warm in any weather.

5. Take Your Car

You might get away with your trip cheaper if you take your car, and you don’t have to pay for the travel tickets. One of the benefits of driving for your vacation is that you can take your food with you. Another one is that you can reach remote places that tourists haven’t discovered yet, and get better prices on hotels in less popular destinations. You’ll be free to explore the surroundings, and don’t have to rely on transfers and public transport, either.

6. Use Price Comparison Sites

To save money on your travel bookings, you will need to make the most out of the power of internet technology and visit several booking and price comparison sites. You will be able to find the best dates to travel, and get suggestions based on your destination preferences and budget. Traveling during the week is generally much cheaper than going for a long weekend, and this reflects on the price of the hotel and flight.

7. Keep an Eye On Currency Exchange Rates

When booking your vacation abroad, you will need to check the currency rates to make your money go further. Some sites will give you the option to book the accommodation in local currency, or pay at the hotel. If you get a better rate than the travel agent offers, you can save a significant amount, and will have more spending cash left for your vacation. You might even want to contact the hotel directly to see if you can save by skipping the middleman.

Whether you are looking to save on your accommodation or your flights, the above simple tips will help you stick to your budget. From booking early to checking currency rates and choosing less popular destinations, staying off the beaten path, to making use of price comparison engines, there are plenty of things you can do to get the best price on your next vacation.

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