The Next Chapter: Life Abroad

What’s keeping you in your home country? Sure, you will have friends and family here, and also a steady job that you can rely on for regular income. You might have even bought your own home here as well. Even though most of us have these ties that keep us in the country we were born in, these still aren’t enough to prevent some people moving abroad and starting a whole new life for themselves.

The whole idea of moving abroad isn’t quite as crazy as you might think, especially if your employer wants to relocate you. There are lots of international companies with offices based around the globe these days and, as a result, lots of businesses regularly move their workers around to help promote diversity and increase balance across their offices. Even if you aren’t asked to move abroad by your current company, you might find that your skills and knowledge are really in demand in a foreign market, and moving abroad could open up a lot more career prospects for you.

But there are, of course, some people who simply move abroad for the change. Maybe they think their life has come to a bit of a standstill or that they feel they want to experience a bit more adventure. To do this, they research what it would take to move their family abroad to another country.

Do you think that moving to a new country could be the answer for you and your family? Even if this isn’t a permanent move, just moving away for a year or two could help you all get a completely new lease of life. You just need to make sure you go through a few steps to ensure that the move is as simple as possible. After all, relocating to another part of the world isn’t always going to be easy. Here are some things that you need to bear in mind and carry out to make it all go as smooth as can be!

Consider Your Destination

If you are moving abroad for work, then you might not get a say in where you are sent. Your company might simply allocate you a position in one of their global offices, and you will have to go where they send you. But if the move is your own decision, then the world really is your oyster – you could go absolutely anywhere! But just because you can go wherever you want, doesn’t mean that you should. It’s really important that you consider and research potential destinations as thoroughly as you can. Take into account each of your shortlisted locations and think about which one will have the best impact on your family. You should also consider the destination’s language as well. After all, if the country speaks a different language to English, you and your family will need to take lessons at to try and learn the new language. This language barrier could also make it incredibly difficult to feel like you are a part of the new culture where you find yourself. If the language aspect is quite daunting, you might want to stick to a destination where English is the main spoken language.

Think About Visas And Potential Immigration Issues

There could also be some bureaucratic steps that you need to take to ensure that you are legally allowed to move to your chosen country. For instance, you might need to apply for a visa and go through some immigration screening to ensure that you are eligible for residency. If you are only planning on moving for a short amount of time, then your short stay might not require you to get a visa or residency. However, that could prevent you from finding work while you are there. If you are moving for work, then your company should help you to get the required visa for your whole family. If not, you will need to speak to an immigration specialist, such as to find out if you will be able to easily obtain all of the required documentation. These immigration lawyers will also be able to help you appeal any applications that are denied. However, you should remember that there are various reasons why you could be declined a visa and not all of these rulings could be overturned. It’s therefore a good idea not to get your hopes up.

Book International Removal

As with any move, you will need to hire the right kind of removal company to help you get to your new home. This will take a lot of the stress away from you as you won’t have to arrange any transportation for your belongings. The removal team will do all of that for you. You just need to remember that this can often be a lot more expensive than moving house within the same country and that you will need to find some specialist removers who specialize in foreign moves. It’s a good idea to shortlist a few different firms and approach them for a quote so that you get a good idea who can do the job for the best price. Don’t forget to get removal insurance just in case any of your belongings get lost or broken during transit!

Try And Visit Before You Move

If it’s possible, you should always visit your chosen destination before you commit to the move. This is especially important if you have never been to the country before now. When you visit, you will get the chance to see the country for yourself and get a taste of what it will be like to live there. It also gives you a chance to look around the town or city where you will be living so that you can narrow down the best neighborhoods to live in. If you will be moving with children, this will give them the opportunity to explore their new home too. Moving to another country can be a massive shock to the system for young children, but spending some time there before you actually move can help them get used to the new surroundings that they will be faced with.

Rent Then Buy

Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to rent a home before you buy when you move abroad. This is really important if you need to find somewhere while you are still in your home country before you get to your destination. Buying a property is a big commitment and you might not make the right choice just from looking at houses online. Not only that, though, but you might overestimate how nice the surrounding neighborhood is, and you might end up living in a bad area. Renting first gives you the chance to get a feel for the neighborhood and lets you also have time to explore the whole city and view a few different properties before you do commit and sign any contracts.

Research The Expat Community

Almost every city around the world has an expat community. Lots of expats create such communities so that they know people who are in a similar situation to them. This also creates a support network as you can all help one another settle in and adapt to life in a different country and culture. So, before you do move abroad, it’s a good idea to find out a little bit about the expat community in your destination. Find out things like where expats tend to hang out and what kind of groups and organizations they have that you and your family might like to join. For instance, many big cities have expat groups that hold regular get togethers. You can find out about these kinds of groups and goings-on on social media and the Meetup website.

Find Out About Tax And Insurance

Once you move to live in a different country, you usually won’t be eligible for paying taxes in your home country. Most of the time, you need to pay your taxes in the country in which you are working. However, this isn’t always the case, so you should check this to ensure that you don’t end up missing any important tax deadlines by mistake. Once you arrive, getting signed up in the country’s system to pay your taxes is one of the very first things you should do. It’s also important that you buy some insurance. The insurance laws might be different in your new country to your home, research exactly what you need to take out. One of the main differences between countries is health insurance. This is one of the most important policies to take out for your entire family, so be sure to research it well and that you buy policies that will fully cover everyone who you move with. If you are ever confused about your taxes and insurance in your new home country, you can always ask for help and advice from your new friends in the expat community.

Good luck with your big move!

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