What Can You Do Against The Nightmare Neighbor?

Can we ever find such a thing as happiness? Is this concept of what life is all about purely in our minds and only relevant to us as individuals? The answers to both those questions might be a bit difficult for you to swallow because it’s a resounding ‘yes’ to both. Happiness isn’t found, its earned. What makes us happy is all relative to our way of life and our personalities. Not wanting to delve into what reality is to all of us, we can accurize the day-to-day tries of achieving happiness to our home life. It’s where we live, eat, shower, sleep and raise our children. It should be a place where we put family first and realize what means most to us. If life at home is unstable, our professional lives are pushed into the firing line by our depression and angst. One of the most infuriating things we can experience is that home life being wrecked by other people. We try, and we try to work at our relationships with our intimate partners and give the best life to our children at home. So when an outside force like obnoxious and nightmare-ridden neighbors move in, life becomes a battle when it need not be.

What qualifies as disturbances?

Now first things first, you cannot exceed your limit into someone else’s life. It’s difficult at the worst of times to retrain yourself and not go hell for leather against people you know live in total disregard for common courtesy. However, you have to realize that what is going on when neighbors are being horrid is a battle of perceptions. They might be in their own world so far that they don’t even realize how they are affecting others around them. And yet, you might also be guilty of doing this so firstly, calm down, and think things through.

  • What qualifies as a community disturbance is a grey area a lot of the time. That’s why you actually hear and read of stories about the police being called out to a neighborhood numerous times by irritated locals, but usually, nothing gets done about it. Disruptions come in many forms but here are some good rules of thumb to determine if they do indeed qualify.
  • Loud music, so much so that is shaking the walls of your home and you can feel the thump of the bass sitting inside your home.
  • Litter and rubbish coming onto your property. This can happen if your neighbor doesn’t take care of their garbage and the wind blows it onto your garden for example.
  • Holding parties late into the night and people shouting, laughing and joking while you’re trying to sleep. A very common reason for neighborhood disturbance calls made to the police.
  • Arguments that involve shouting, foul language such as racial slurs is not to be tolerated at any time of the day or night.

Carelessness leads to harm

A lack of care in one’s actions is always a hot topic with those who are frustrated with horrid neighbors. Their lifestyle can spill over into yours and affect your sense of privacy. Leaving around beer cans and not properly disposing of cigarette butts are just a couple of the things that may end up in or in front of your garden. If your neighbor has a dog, this can present a whole other level of problems and potentially very dangerous ones. If you have spotted the fact that their dog is perhaps aggressive and on top of this, not reprimanded in an adequate manner, it can potentially cause grievous harm.

Vicious and extremely territorial dogs can see small children as targets and even fully grown adults as well. Being attacked and bitten by dogs of any size and type is a harrowing experience. If you click here, you can see it isn’t just the physical damage that the dog bites cause, it’s the painful emotional wreckage that children have to live with. This is especially true if the child was to ever trust the dog and it betrayed him or her. You are legally within your right to seek compensation for such an attack. By hiring an attorney who will just as aggressively chase the neighbor for due compensation, you can then get the help you need to pay for medical bills. If the legal time is worth their weight in salt, they’ll also consider how much money it will take to spend on counseling for the child so they can have their emotional scars heal too.

Evidence builds a case

The bottom line in any case of neighborhood disturbance is, it’s your word against theirs. The main reason for the police being unable to help concerned households when their neighbor is causing disruption in the community is the lack of evidence. Start off simple by logging down details when something happens. Write it down in a book with the time, date and what happened along with who did it if you can visibly see them. You may also find the police have no other choice but to act when you have video evidence. Next time something occurs pull out your smartphone and begin to record. Do not trample over the sound by speaking and just let the audio and video do the work for you.

Getting other neighbors to confirm what you heard and saw at the time of the incident is a good backup resource. No matter how alone in the endeavor you feel, it’s surprising to realize that most neighbors are also fed up with the one house on the street that has complete disregard for other people’s comfort.

When you are experiencing nightmare neighbors, you must be ready to accept that things could only be heading one way and that is to the law. So before you act read up on what actually constitutes an illegal disturbance. Sometimes our perceptions and our own standards block the way forward in creating a comprehensive outlook on what is or isn’t allowed. Keeping yourself and your children safe from bad pet owners, when they are also your neighbors, could save a trip to the hospital and long-lasting emotional scars.

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