Easy Ways To Save A Small Fortune At Work

We’re all looking for ways in which we can save money at home, on vacation or in our leisure time. But while we may not be cognizant of it, we can also find ourselves spending a lot of money at work, either when travelling to or from work (seriously, you don’t need me to tell you how much money carpooling can save you) or while actually on the premises. As in most areas, the world of work is a place for wasteful spending and ill considered purchases made for all the wrong reasons. If your pay packet is largely dependent on your performance, you could also be missing out on a fortune in unearned wages due to low productivity. Here are some ways in which we can all save money at work, and eliminate the bad habits that can amount to a whole lot of spending that’s outside of our budget…

Stay safe

It sounds like a no-brainer, but staying safe at work not only prevents injury, it costs a small fortune in medical expenses and maximizes your productivity. In an era where fewer and fewer companies are offering benefits such as sick pay, even something as commonplace as a slip, trip or fall could waste a small fortune while you recover (not to mention those medical expenses). Unless you have grounds for a claim with a slip and fall attorney, your safety could make the difference between pay and poverty. Following health and safety guidelines at work is a no brainer but you should also take the time to get out from behind your desk as often as you can. All that sitting can be ruinous to your health!

Maximise productivity

In the gig economy more and more of us find ourselves on performance related pay. This means that if we’re not at peak productivity, we’re potentially wasting money by missing out on that little extra every day which can make a big difference come the end of the month. Of course, maintaining your productivity is easier said than done. Even if your workplace will allow you to access social media, blogs and online shopping outlets through your browser you should restrict their use to pre-planned 5 minute breaks. Use your break times as goal posts by which you will need to have completed a certain amount of tasks, or closed a certain amount of deals.

Stop online shopping!

Lots of us have a tendency, if we’re depressed at work, not hitting our targets or generally having a bad day, to turn to online shopping on our lunch breaks for a quick fix of comfort. The trouble is that this just isn’t sustainable, and can quickly get out of hand. By all means treat yourself every once in a while, but limit it to once a month.

Lunches and lattes

Not only do we waste a fortune on fast food or franchised coffee outlets on our way to or from work or on our lunch breaks, even taking to the subsidised cafeteria can be needlessly expensive. Moreover, you probably won’t be getting the nutrition you need. Embrace the power of leftovers and meal planning for consistently tasty lunches that save you a fortune at work! Stay away from the temptation of the vending machine, too!

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