It Pays To Emotionally Invest In Your Community

On the outside, we all look basically the same. Our anatomies are identical we physically live and move just like everybody else. On the inside, however, is an the can be a world of difference. In fact, it’s a very beautiful thing that we’re all more different on the inside than we are on the outside. Humans as a species are the most complex living organism in the known universe. No matter how awesome other creatures are, our minds are multidimensional in the way they can think, react, interact and make sense of the world. We’re the only animal in the entire world and in all of the present and previous existence that has ever truly questioned our own mortality. So what makes us tick? The unshakable truth of that is, it’s all relative. It’s hard to put a finger on why some people in communities fail and other thrive. Reality is again a perceptive trait and concept. It’s scary to admit, but it’s a fact that the concept of our reality is not shared by other people. We’re all living a different life in a different world, and we just hope that we can get along with other people. Those who help to make this real, are those who invest in communities emotionally.

Why do some communities fall apart?

It’s hard to tell what the specific reason is for some communities just falling apart at the seams. For hundreds and hundreds of years, scientists in the biology field, economists searching for differences between the poor and rich, psychologists, politicians, and philosophers have been trying to work this fabled question out. Many factors are involved, and thus the sheer complexity of the matter cannot be understood quickly which means, no effective solutions can be made until this occurs. It’s kind of like a revolving roundabout, and you’re just trying to catch up to the point ahead of you all the time. Race, religion, sex, age, generational mindsets, culture, and values affect us all as we are in part or entirely invested in at least one or more of those categories.

In many ways, it’s worth engaging

No magic wand can be waived to fix horrible circumstances. It takes relentless hard work and pure focus on the issues that are pulling the world down to treat the plight. At the forefront of every society are the social workers who commit their personal and professional lives to absolve communities of suffering. The predicament faced by those who engage in this line of work is, finding the most effective techniques that will aid them in their endeavors. Part of what does spur people on is the fact that they are rewarded for their consistency in the profession. Those who take an online msw can go onto becoming family counselors that help glue back broken relationships between relatives. The average salary for a qualified and respected social worker varies between roles. It’s accepted that you can get paid in between $57,000 and $109,000 a year.

It literally pays to invest in your community emotionally. For your hard work, you won’t go unnoticed at all. Bonding broken homes back together and lifting communities out of strife brings great career and salary opportunities.

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