Wildlife, Wildebeest, And Wonderment: The Best Safaris In The World!

If you’re fed up with spending time in cities or thinking that a weekend break consists of going up your grandparents’ house, then maybe it’s time to push the boat out for once. Safari vacations are some of the most fantastic experiences you could ever wish to have because you get to see nature and wildlife in its natural habitat, not through a television screen and narrated by David Attenborough, as that would cost a lot of money! Instead, getting out on safari would have a fantastic impact on how you view the world, but makes for a lifetime of treasured memories. So, what are the best safaris in the world?

Goliath Safaris Luxury Tented Camp, Zimbabwe

If you’re looking for other expeditions that don’t scrimp on comfort, the Goliath Safaris Luxury Tented Camp is as comfortable as the name suggests! You can relax in one of the many ensuite tents, and you can wash in the many open-air showers to ensure you are feeling fresh from all of the on-foot experience that this safari has to offer. As far as a walking safari is concerned, it’s one of the more down-to-earth experiences as it brings you face to face with elephants, leopards, hippos, and wild dogs.

Ongava Park, Namibia

Namibia isn’t a typical safari destination, but the Namibia safari packages on offer highlight how diverse this landscape truly is. Red sand dunes and sweeping coastlines mean there is limited wildlife depending where you go. But, the Ongava National Park gives you an authentic safari experience but with a sheen of luxury attached.

Tongole Wilderness Lodge, Malawi

If you are looking for a safari experience that is mindful of your expenses, this is one of the best eco-lodges for your money. Located in the Miombo Woodlands of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, the lodge links to treks where you can see warthogs, elephants, and waterbuck in its natural habitat. If you’re looking for something a bit more than the wildlife, or the 280 different species of bird, you can venture into the community to meet the locals.

Samode Safari Lodge, India

If you think that tigers haven’t made an appearance on this list yet, the Bandhavgarh National Park has many to suit your desire! You can find other animals, such as wolves, guar, and chinkaras in abundance. The Samode Safari Lodge provides welcome respite off the beaten track. Located next to the forest, it houses 12 luxury villas, and provides a grandiose view of marsh landscape.

Leopard Hills, South Africa

Located about six hours in the car from Johannesburg, Leopard Hills has an abundance of safaris to suit anybody’s wildlife taste. It’s 10,000 hectares of countryside offers glimpses of leopards, elephants, and rhinos near to Sabi Sand Game Reserve. In addition to this, the safari rangers have experience as photographers so they can give you advice on the best possible angles and the most photogenic of areas, ensuring you’ve got quality snaps to take home.

Ranthambore Park, India

Not only can you see tigers in their natural habitat, but you can also relax in colonial themed bedrooms at the Sher Bagh hotel, based right on the edge of the national park. You can enjoy a swim in a luxury pool, as well as candlelit dinners around a cozy campfire. While most tourists are taken around the standard paths of the Ranthambore Park, staying at the Sher Bagh hotel means you get private jeep tours off the typical tourist path.

Yala Park, Sri Lanka

If you want to head away from Africa or India, go to India’s neighbor, Sri Lanka and visit the Yala West National Park to scope out leopards. If you are looking for accommodation that looks a little bit different, the Chena Huts, based on the outskirts of the park have their own pools, but also give you luxurious views of the beaches in the distance, which is full to the brim with sea turtles. It’s truly a wondrous sight.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Based close to the border of Kenya, this safari is arguably the greatest one in Kenya. In addition to the big five, in other words, the lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elephant, and buffalo, you can see wildebeest. But, make sure you pick your time of year. The great migration that occurs between July and October sees antelope, zebra, as well as the wildebeest migrate across the Mara River. If you’re looking for an experience out in the open, the Sarova Mara Game Camp provides tents that puts you at the heart of the experience.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

If your only experience of the Serengeti is via Toto’s 80s classic “Africa”, the Serengeti national park is the atypical African safari experience. As well as the great migration, you’ve got flora and fauna to captivate your imagination. The acacia trees being one such sight to behold.

Patagonia, South America

And if you looking for something completely far away from the typical safari location, head into South America and go on a safari trail through Chile and Argentina. Of course, apart from the native birds, you can witness pumas inland, as well as elephant seals and penguins on the coast. If you’re looking for some adventure in your safari experience, you can go horse riding, kayaking or hitchhike and see the terrain of this seldom discussed South American country in all its mountainous glory.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

And finally, one of the biggest best safari experiences in the world, the Kruger National Park, located on the Mozambique border deserves all the acclaim it can get. The national park has, in addition to the big five, the South African cheetah, various species of cats, as well as the endangered wild dog. As far as a safari experience that caters to the masses, it’s a fantastic option if you want to experience safari for the first time.

As you can see, this is merely a touchstone of what you can experience while on safari. These are arguably some of the biggest and best safaris in the world, but you don’t have to take our word for it, get out there and experience the wonder of various wildlife, wildebeest, and wonderment yourself!

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