How we scored big with a small budget on our anniversary

I wanted to share with you today how we saved big on our anniversary a few years ago. The really cool thing is, we weren’t even trying to be frugal at the time.

My husband gets the credit for this one. He planned a road trip up to Cleveland Ohio and then to Detroit Michigan. If you want to see why we visited Detroit on our anniversary, I’ll have a post all about that soon 😉

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Cleveland. Yep, totally not like my cheap self. But I didn’t plan this one, remember? I have no clue how much he spent per night. That didn’t matter to me at the time. I was thrilled.

Our hotel room opened up into the atrium. Which was a sight to behold all on it’s own.

The lobby itself was very classy and magazine cover -esque. Such a nice atmosphere. Even though we arrived fairly late in the evening, it still seemed welcoming and relaxing all at the same time.

Our room was comfortable and quiet. Even being downtown and having the atrium right outside our door, I felt secluded.

  And here is where we saved over $50.

At check in, my husband casually mentioned that we were on our anniversary. The girls at the counter were so friendly. They congratulated us, wished us well and handed us a hospitality gift for coming on our anniversary.

Yep, that’s right. They gave us free breakfast for the next day. And not Holiday Inn style continental breakfast either. Anything-we-freaking-wanted-breakfast at the 1890 lounge. Here’s the menu if you find it hard to believe how great of a deal we got. We were very grateful for the kind gesture and I was thrilled to get something free. The waiter even let us know that our coupons were each good for $25 worth of food, so let me just say, we didn’t need lunch that day!

The next time you’re out for a special occasion, let your server or hostess know. You might get a little something extra!

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