Save money on Disney souvenirs

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] love saving money. Obviously. I mean, I am cheap.

So of course on our recent trip to Disney World, I just had to stretch every dollar. It’s so easy to want to buy everthing at Disney World. They sell it so well.

Just a quick example. There’s the Candy Cauldron. A delightful candy shop featuring the evil queen (witch) from Snow White and walls filled floor to ceiling with goodies.

It took everthing in me not to buy a Jack Skellington candy apple.

I wanted everything. Like everything everything. So I needed a way to save money on Disney souvenirs. Or we just plain go broke.

Here’s the answer….

How we saved big this year on souvenirs.

Are you ready for it?

Ok… here’s the answer…

buy used.

Gasp! I know that may sound scary for some of you. But please read on! Don’t go away yet!

A friend suggested I check out Theme Park Connection in Orlando. Saying it was filled with all things Disney and even some Universal things. But that there were some CHEAP things too.

Bryan and I ventured into Orlando just to find it. I’m guilty of always expecting magical and fantastical. Maybe I’m an optimistic. Don’t tell anyone that though. But I was expecting a grand looking building. We almost drove right by. Nestled in with several other non descript warehouse buildings, we found it.

I didn’t expect much. Surely this would just be a small little store front. With not much to offer. But maybe I could find a bookmark or a postcard…

I was pleasantly surprised to find so much more! And fun things at reasonable prices. It made it so easy to save money on Disney souvenirs!

Just inside, are glass cases stocked with more expensive items. And see that, there on the left? Bins and bins of old Cast Member nametags. How cute would it be to find your name in the bin?!

There are vinyls for $7 and magazines. I didn’t know there was a market for old magazines, but I am now interested in subscribing myself 😉 One corner of the bigger room was set up as a vignette for the Lone Ranger movie. Some things were from the set, but I think most things were just to match with the theme. Still fun. Plus it was all half off. The really cool things were in the center of this big room. Props from attractions and the parks itself. I have no room for any of this kind of thing. But still sooo cool!

The back room kind of made it feel like a thrift store. But that was fine by me. There were tubs of pinback buttons for 25 cents! And landlards for cheap too. And vintage Mickey Ears for $4 each! We visited on Back To The Future day, so there was a nice tribute at the counter. I love fellow nerds!

So what did I buy for my cheap souvenier? Well… I spent about $35 and saved so much beginning my pin collection. Decided to collect villains, hipster/nerds and anything else that strikes my fancy. I got 13 pins for $30 some. About $2.50 per pin! So much cheaper than paying $7.95 and up at the park. Sure they’re used, but come on! These are great to get me started! The wall of pins is right inside the entrance and will keep you busy for awhile just looking alone. I plan to stop by every time we are in the area to expand my collection 🙂

As you can see, it’s so easy to save money on souveniers, if you check out Theme Park Connection during your next Disney World vacation. This is a place my parents would’ve found for us, then given us each $10 to spend any way we chose. And we would’ve been able to get so much with so little!

If you’d like to visit Theme Park Connection and save money like we did, their website is here and their address is: 2160 Premier Row, Orlando FL 32809

Do you collect pins?

Have any other tips on how to save money on Disney souvenirs you’d like to share? Comment below!

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