Mosquito And Fly Repellant Review

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Our back porch opens up to a cement slab. No porch, no screen door, nothing. I hate it. But for now, it has to do. We are renters. No sense in setting up a screened in back porch. No matter how much I want it. No, we have to deal with the occasional fly in the house. Not so occasional come July.

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I’ve tried the penny in a bag trick, and it doesn’t work. Citronella works to a point, but I don’t like always having an open flame unattended. These mosquito and fly repellant sticks are sort of like incense. You light it and then let it smolder and smoke its way down. Each one lasts about an hour and fills the vicinity with a citronella like smell. Which keeps the bugs at bay. I like that I can visually see it working (the smoke). But it’s best out doors. I lit one inside and it made my eyes water. So be warned!

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